AAR: Sweet Innocence

Stardate 96029.3
CAPT S. Bishop
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Tjepa System, Nwr Sector

MISSION: Update Molin records about the Tjepa System.

OUTCOME: Records updated, mission interrupted by reciept of general distress call. Distress call answered and one Vayttian pilot saved from exploding ship.

CAPT S. Bishop
CAPT A. Derenzis
CAPT A. Nimitz
CMDR K. Dedoz (NPC)
LCDR J. Read
LT S. Valore
LT(JG) T. Shinwa
ENS R. Mitsuki

CPT G. Valencia

NARRATIVE: With a number of records given to us by the Molin being dated, it was decided that we should resurvey some of the systems to update the Molin records, but also to make sure that the data collected was consistent with Federation standard. The system surveyed in this mission was the Tjepa System. This system had been recorded with lifeforms on the Class M planet in the system, with three other planets in orbit of the star.

Upon arrival, we encountered an asteroid ring on the outer orbit which was not recorded in the Molin data. Scans also showed three planets in total in the system, instead of the expected four. It was quickly ascertained that the asteroid ring was the remnants of the fourth planet, which had experienced some sort of subspace rift ten years ago, causing the planet to explode. This subspace rift was consistent with one of the many planet killers that we found in orbit around Nelara. The destruction of the planet caused a gravimetric shift, elongating the orbits of the other planets and subsequently, altering their climates and ecosystems. Consequently, the life registered by the Molin scans were not found by the U.S.S. Endeavour's scans, and later observation would show the indications of a now extinct civilisation on the planet.

It was at this point when we picked up a general distress call being sent via subspace. The distress call was severely degraded and our universal translator had issues trying to decipher the language. We departed the system for the location of the distress call, moving to yellow alert.

Upon arrival, we found a badly damaged unidentified fighter drifting in space. Contact with the fighter failed and we prepared to beam the occupant onboard. It was at this point when the fighter opened fire on the U.S.S. Endeavour, doing minor damage. As the fighter was close to destruction, this officer refused to open fire, instead, opting to drop shields and save the occupant. The fighter then exploded, succumbing to her damage.

The pilot we beamed aboard was a young Vayttian. Obviously scared, the Vayttian put up a fight, pulling Captain Derenzis' arm out of its socket, and causing Captain Nimitz's own arm to become detached in the process. Lieutenant Commander Read was able to beam the Vayttian onto the brig, and medical assistance was rendered as needed.

The destroyed fighter's warp trail was followed to a system nearby; upon arrival in this new system, we found the remnants of a large battle which took place just over an hour ago. Analysis of the wreckage indicated that these were all Vayttian ships, and it became clear to the officers that we had witnessed a battle in what looked to be a Vayttian Civil War. With this new knowledge, this officer decided against returning the Vayttian in the brig to the Vayttian homeworld, fearing that it would be possible we would hand her over to the opposite side which would result in her death. With no other survivors in the system, we returned back to the Tjepa System to finish our survey.

RECOMMENDATION: The Vayttian pilot is currently in the brig. Once she has calmed down, I will see if it is possible to transfer her to guarded quarters instead; her offensive actions on the bridge were likely a result of being in unfamiliar surroundings, and she was perhaps fearing for her life. We hope to calm her down and explain to her that we do not wish her harm.

Following this, I plan to talk to her about her situation and to gain an understanding of the Vayttian situation. Should she wish to return to the Vayttian homeworld, we will not stop her. In addition to this, I recommend that we should attempt to gain contact with the Vayttians themselves. As they seem to hold a large influence in this sector, understanding their boundaries and intentions as well as stating our intentions to explore could help us gain more intelligence in the sector, as well as prevent the Vayttians from seeing us as a hostile presence.

We also recommend all officers to read the Molin data file on the Vayttians if they are to conduct missions in this sector.

OOC: The AAR for the event "Sweet Innocence". Event logs avaliable on request.