AAR: System G183-A Salvage

BH1Pd8X.pngStardate: 92977.1AAR: System G183-A Salvage Report Submitted: CMDR Thiessen, T.Level 2: Confidential4OB3P0J.png

On Stardate 92963.5, U.S.S. Atlantis under my command departed DS13 with an escort provided by the U.S.S. Rutledge, commanded by Captain Nimitz. The mission as outlined by Captain Freeman was to travel to a system designated G183-A. We were to locate abandoned ship and weapons technologies left from the conflict there that occurred in the Iconian War, with intent of either salvaging said technologies or destroying them if unable to meet our primary objective.

After an uneventful trip, we arrived in-system. Initial scans provided all information as to the locations of technologies, including a nearly intact Warbird.

Progress of the project was hindered by the arrival of an Orion ship registered T’he Tears of Daros’ claiming salvage rights to the fields of Iconian, Starfleet and Romulan wreckage. The Captain of the ship, an Orion identified by LCDR Mandra as ‘Lora of Cuj Althori’ and later confirmed by herself, was very insistent that we allow her use and claim to the salvage fields.

On refusal, as her claims were not legally binding given the military technology being returned, threats were then made to a pre-Warp civilization vessel we had been reading on our scanners from arrival. Attempts were made to avert contact with the new civilization but unfortunately contact was made when ‘The Tears of Daros’ made contact with the vessel with its tractor beam. A threat was then made to the pre-Warp vessel.

Thanks to the quick work and thinking of the officers working aboard the bridge, specifically sciences and helm, we were able to disrupt the ship’s tractor hold on the vessel and make clear we would defend our claim to the field and the safety of the vessel it had threatened. The Tears of Daros departed the field afterward.

Unfortunately, contact had been made. The two pilots of the vessel had to have their memory manipulated to remove our interactions, as well as their ship banks purged of any data of our interaction. All actions to remove this unintentional First Contact were successful and no harm came to the vessel or the pilots.

After this point salvage was successful, including the return of a damaged Romulan vessel to our Republic allies. I’ve enclosed an inventory list and all classified technologies were remanded to their appropriate departments.

Officers Involved:
CMDR Thiessen, T.
CAPT Nimitz, A.
CMDR Pohl, M.
LCDR Stevens, N.
LCDR Mandra, A.
LCDR Jinsoo, R.
LT Kermit, J.
ENS Yalul, K.

Commander Tau Thiessen
Executive Officer, DS13 Command.