AAR - Task force Arrival at DS9 (Layover)

TO <38th\Command>
CC --
FROM Captain Dmitri Konieczko
SUBJ Task Force Arrival to DS9
Stardate 92843.4


The task force that departed Deep Space 13 arrived to Deep Space 9 on Stardate 92843

The travel went without incident or threat and upon arrival the Asimov, and Vanguard both docked with the station. Several other of the accompanying ships remained in orbit in a defensive position.

Once docked several notable officers were sent off to perform duties in preparation for the mission to the Gamma Quadrant in the coming days.

At the end of it, I personally oversaw the transfer of one-hundred stasis pods to the U.S.S. Fletcher.


Captain Dmitri R. Konieczko
Commanding Officer,
USS Vanguard
Taurus Squadron