AAR: Tempting Temporal Transports

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CAPT Mirazuni, A

After Action Report

LOCATION TK-401 System, Kelterre Sector.

MISSION Routine patrol of the Kelterre Sector.

OUTCOME Strange readings from TK-401 caused diversion. Relay station damaged by a solar ion storm. Civilian ship rescued from temporal flux, one patient recovered.


  • CAPT A. Mirazuni
  • LCDR N. Loxton
  • LT S. Mekyu
  • ENS A. Murphy

  • CPT G. Valencia

BACKGROUND The U.S.S. Endeavour was scheduled for a short patrol of the Kelterre Sector as part of the officer exchange, giving crew from Deep Space 13 experience on starship operations. For the duration of the mission, Lieutenant Commander Loxton was assigned as Acting First Officer. Upon departure, we noticed a signal burst on the sensors, and some ion interference in the nadion systems. The source was identified and we changed course to investigate.

NARRATIVE Upon arrival to TK-401, we found the relay station damaged, with debris around the station, both from the station and from a civilian vessel. Scans revealed no weapon damage from the debris, nor any cloaked ships in the area. This officer detected three weak lifesigns on the station, all Klingon. They were transported to the ship, and identified as two Starfleet officers and one civilian. All recovered from their wounds.

Logs downloaded from the station indicated some sort of temporal anomaly before the station was hit by debris. Before we could investigate further, the star began to release another ion burst. Going to red alert and focusing our scanners on the star, we detected a faint ship profile before it disappeared. In order to get the ship to reappear, the U.S.S. Endeavour recreated the ion blast. This time, the ship lingered; it was civilian, hull laid down in the past decade, though one side had experienced a molecular breakdown of at least a century. There was one lifesign onboard, but due to their temporal phasing it was impossible to beam them across. Though it was safe to transport an away team to the ship, this officer erred on the side of caution and equipped an exocomp with a chroniton infused serum. Lieutenant Commander Loxton, under the direction of Captain Valencia, guided the exocomp to the civilian on the ship and injected them with the serum, allowing for a transport back to the U.S.S. Endeavour. Logs were downloaded from the ship before the exocomp returned and the ship returned to Deep Space 13, after Lieutenant Commander Loxton was relieved of acting First Officer duties.

RECOMMENDATION The Klingon female patient rescued from the civilian ship experienced equally distributed accelerated growth and rapid aging. The cause is unknown, but it is clear that there was some sort of temporal effect affecting the civilian ship which caused debris to hit the relay station. The patient will be given to Division 14 for rehabilitation. The other three will recover normally.

The logs from the civilian vessel should be analysed to find the cause of the temporal effect.

Relay station at TK-401 will require repairs before it can be used again.

RECOGNITION All officers performed in a satisfactory manner. Lieutenant Commander Loxton performed well as as First Officer and would do well acting in this capacity if given the right training. Lieutenant Mekyu and Ensign Murphy adapted quickly to the controls on the ship and performed well, following orders effectively and efficiently. For their successful attempt at recreating the ion burst, a process which was difficult and had the potential to end very badly, they deserve commendations.

Ensign Murphy would benefit from reading the handbook of the U.S.S. Endeavour before serving on the vessel, paying attention to the regulations and conduct required on the bridge on duty.

Captain Valencia should be given double shifts for the next week.

OOC This is the AAR for an impromptu event that Brex ran on the 23rd January. Event logs available on request.