AAR: Terix Blockade Situation.

TO 38th Command
SUBJ Terix Blockade Situation
STRDT 92293.3

By actions and choices that squarely fall on me, I am responsible for the deaths of 264 Officers and Crew Personnel, the injury of a good many of those remaining and the loss of a Federation Starship. Any justification would dishonor those lost, and serves no purpose, and I am admitting both poor judgement and complete guilt for the loss of the Mystic, and most of her crew.

As a matter for the record, I've attached sensor data and communications logs picked up from other ships of the blockade. And will stand for myself at whatever hearings, Captain's Mast or Court Martial proceedings the command deems fit, answering any questions posed to me, and fully accepting the findings and punishment of that proceeding.

Alexander Savage