AAR: The Best Offense

Stardate 95193.9
LT McLean

Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Holodeck, Deep Space 13

MISSION: Test Bulwark defense system against Azedi weaponry.

OUTCOME: Bulwark system failed, power demands unfeasible, standard shields more surviveable. New methods discovered instead.

CAPT Nimitz
CMDR sh’Zarath
LCDR Kermit
LT McLean
CDT Rianni

NARRATIVE: The first test was very brief, CAPT Nimitz took command of the simulated galaxy class cruiser. The Bulwark system was set to emit an anti-wave based on the average frequency of all recorded Azedi weapons fire. The shield system was able to absorb .2 % of the beams energy before it failed, and the ship was destroyed.

The second test, by CMDR sh’Zarath’s suggestion used the phaser banks as a capacitor to increase the power, unfortunately, it failed to make a meaningful difference, and the shields again failed after absorbing .8% of the beams energy.

For the third test, we returned to standard shield systems, but, thanks in large part to LCDR Kermit’s suggestion on materials, used the Bulwark system’s predictive algorithm to cycle the transporters and place a cloud of silithium chaff between the Azedi dreadnought and the ship. The chaff cloud successfully dissipated 70% of the Beam’s energy, resulting in the ships continued survival, as the Azedi vessel fired again, LT McLean attempted to transport the silithium into the Azedi’s weapon aperture, the transporter cycle was not fast enough to intercept the beam however. CDT Rialli’s quick actions in firing a torpedo spread that exploded as the beam reached the torpedoes; reducing the power of the beam by roughly 3%. And the ship survived, though the shields were destroyed, and the hull was left at 74%. We found however that using the transporter system to place the chaff cloud gives us an opening to transport a tricobalt warhead directly next to the Azedi’s hull, causing minor internal damage. Even with the silithium chaff, the ship was destroyed however.

A few more tests were run to quantify effectiveness of the different methods, CDT Rialli found that quantum torpedoes had the greatest effect against the beam, and a full spread could reduce beam power by 7%. The silithium chaff was by far the most successful, reducing beam power by 70%.

The Bulwark system has been determined to be unfeasible. Any use of the system resulted in destruction of the ship, with no greater than 1% of beam energy negated before catastrophic failure. Standard shield generators are not able to handle the power load to act in that manner.

RECOMMENDATION: Begin production of Silithium chaff and prepare a test deployment in real world.

OOC: Thank you to all the people who attended. This was my first event that I’ve organized with this group and I think it went really well. The next event I will be working on will be an investigation of the disabled Azedi ship. Command will need to decide what to do with the results of the test. And I’ll be happy to work with a ships captain to deploy the chaff system in the real world.