AAR: The Corridor Boarded

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LT. Loxton, Nicholas

After Action Report

LOCATION U.S.S. Pegasus.

MISSION Attempting to ascertain who is attacking civilian shipping in the area and why.

OUTCOME Success. We identified the hostiles and learned more about their reasons behind attacking civilian shipping.


Lieutenant Valore

Captain Nimitz

Commander Mandra

Lieutenant Loxton

Ensign Thyzee

NARRATIVE Myself, Captain Nimitz, Commander Mandra and Ensign Thyzee were briefed by Lieutenant Valore on attacks that were happening to civilian shipping in a nearby system and tasked the U.S.S. Pegasus, under the command of Captain Nimitz, to find out who the hostile party was. After the briefing, we boarded the Pegasus and proceeded to the location of a distress call where we discovered a ship that was in temporal flux. We determined that with an inverse chroniton pulse, we could stabilize the ship long enough to open a dialog with the hostile dreadnought. The hostile faction turned out to be the United Contravan Directorates, who were initially hostile and unaware that they had passed through a temporal anomaly, but with a little coaxing, courtesy of Captain Nimitz’ diplomacy, they agreed to a conference, offering to extend their archaic ‘Boarding Corridor’. We, however, used our transporter.

We boarded their vessel, which was from some time in the past and discovered from statements made by the Admiral and Shipmaster that they were at war, their ship was a weapon and they were on a mission to destroy an enemy known as the United Sector Alliance. The Admiral and their Shipmaster implored us to help them finish their mission and I almost caused a diplomatic incident by stating that we only had their word that the United Sector Alliance would decimate their people. I expect to be reprimanded for this at a later date. After the tension, we returned to the Pegasus to look for ‘Project Graywave’ that the Admiral had spoke about. Upon mapping the derelict hulk of the ship, we found no indication of it. The search continues.

RECOMMENDATION I am recommending we proceed with extreme caution in the next phase of this mission. These Contravians seem duplicitous and I believe we only have one side of the story.

OOC This is a report to go with the event March of the Damned that Loxton almost started a war in. If I have missed anything or need to change anything, let me know on Discord.