AAR: The Extraction

Stardate 95784.1
Level 3 - Restricted

LOCATION: Drozana Station

MISSION: Extract deep cover intelligence asset 'blHnuch'.

OUTCOME: Operative successfully extracted with cover maintained. Flight logs recovered from extremist shuttle.

SCDR Aurelia t'Veras
ENS Mivek Tonorr

Starfleet Operative 'Bohadeb'

NARRATIVE: A small team of intelligence agents were ordered to Drozana station to extract a deep cover operative. Republic and Starfleet assets worked together to formulate and execute a plan for a successful extraction. Maintaining the operatives cover was a mission objective, and the use of force was authorized to achieve this. The mission succeeded with minimal application of force.

We were informed our deep cover operative had managed to extract themselves as far as Drozana station, but we were needed to facilitate full extraction. The cover identity was not known upon our initial arrival on Drozana. We were to link up with a Starfleet Intelligence agent who had been on station for long enough to ascertain that information. Our meet with agent Bohadeb was successful, and we were given vital information to locate our agent.

After a brief canvas of the station we were able to locate our agent in the company of a belligerent Andorian. This individual was incredibly pugnacious and took insult with the operatives code name. After a brief attempt to punch a member of our team a short but powerful electrical shock was applied to incapacitate the Andorian. We were able to successfully withdraw from the area after the Andorian was incapacitated.

RECOMMENDATION: Full debrief of operative 'blHnuch' should be conducted with haste. Additionally, analysis of the shuttle log should be undertaken.

OOC: Yes, Bohadeb was Mohadeb. It was everything you'd expect.