AAR The Furry Feast

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LCDR Often, Six

LOCATION Ankerth Colony, Ankerth System, Ba’aja Sector.

MISSION The U.S.S. Endeavour gives assistance to the Ankerth Colony.

OUTCOME The Crew dealt with a infestation of Tribbles at the colony, and managed to save some Klingons from “those furry devils.”


  • CAPT Mirazuni, Ayesha
  • CMDR Eunbi, Jung
  • LCDR Often, Six
  • LTJG Mitsuki, Rumiho
  • LTJG Sovum, Veneela
  • MJR Valencia, Gabriella

NARRATIVE While on a routine supply delivery to Ankerth colony the crew on the U.S.S. Endeavour discovered a infestation of tribbles. As arrangements were being made CMDR Eunha noticed that Governor Yarta was being deceptive. I noticed that the lifeform readings on the sensors were 600% of what they should be. Eunha suspected tribbles, and upon further questioning Gov. Yarta quickly admitted that was indeed the case. Capt Mirazuni instructed us to prepare the colonists for evacuation and our team beamed to the colony to get a statement on the situation. We were told that, during the Klingon civil war, the colonists were under constant threat and decided to use the tribbles to drive the Klingons away. While successful they were still faced with the damage that was done and trade routes being blocked by Marvogan forces. They made the choice to breed the tribbles as a food source, mentioning to us that “Our tribbles became slightly cannibalistic.” Gov. Yarta theorized that there was a mutation as they were no longer able to control the tribble breeding.

We were informed by Starfleet that evacuation of the colonists should be a last resort, so we began discussing other options for dealing with the infestation, eventually deciding to put a fence around the colony to keep the tribbles away. While erecting the fence LTJG Sovum detected Klingon lifesigns in a nearby cave. As we investigated the cave the five Klingons became aware of our presence and began shooting at us. There were no injuries to the crew and the Klingons were either stunned or subdued. The Klingons had been in the cave for an indeterminate amount of time as they stated they couldn’t remember. Their health and physical well being were poor. After getting them on board the Endeavour we finished erecting the fence, and the tribbles were beamed out of the colony site.

RECOMMENDATION CMDR Euhna looked into getting some reptilian predators that are supposed to feed on tribbles. It is my recommendation that this be done in utmost haste. The Klingons should be given medical attention and returned home as soon as they are well enough.