AAR: The Goose and the Gab

Filed By:
CMDR Lleyal, A.

LOCATION Civilian Freighter, Klingon Border

MISSION Jan 21 | The Goose and the Gab

OUTCOME Freighter evacuated, Klingon survivors stabilised but remaining on the Freighter


  • CDR Rai, Commanding Officer
  • CMDR Akaela, T., Executive Officer
  • CMDR Lleyal, A., Chief Medical Officer

NARRATIVE Vaurek sensors identified a freighter in distress along the Klingon border, seemingly under attack by two Klingon vessels, identified as aligned to House Sorzal and Mar’Voga respectively.

Upon Vaurek’s arrival, neither Bird of Prey were attacking and presumably were otherwise preoccupied as a boarding team from the Vaurek was successful in entering the freighter undetected.

Upon arrival, there were a number of Klingon causalities at our entry point, this officer was able to stabilise the survivor for later extraction, and efforts to reach the bridge was carried out. Upon arrival at the bridge, we were met with a grisly sight of a team of Klingons who had extensive burns across their entire body, in some cases, their armour had melted into their skin. All were deceased.

Satisfied there were no traps or incendiary devices, Commander Akaela opened the door to the bridge, where we were met with two of the vessels inhabitants, an Orangutan, Mortimer Fairfax and a Goose, Reginald, both with extensive genetic and surgical alterations.

After establishing trust with the pair, Mortimer assisted in establishing contact with the scientist commanding the vessel, a Doctor Evelyne Greene. Doctor Greene was currently in a botanical bay, having being cornered by another Klingon team, now serving as grow beds for a particularly aggressive plant’s seedlings.

After inspection, it was decided to move them would be too risky, and given Klingon honour codes, it would be unlikely that they would accept sitting out the remainder of the civil war in the Vaurek’s brig. I administered a mild sedative to slow the growths and we departed with all the civilians, leaving the vessel to the Klingons.

RECOMMENDATION No further action necessary. Extraction was successful with minimal witnesses.