AAR: The Huntress

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CAPT Tungsten, D.

After Action Report

LOCATION Gliese 79248+334 System, Kassae Sector

MISSION Initial launch from San Francisco Fleet Yards, and response to distress call from USS Artemis

OUTCOME USS Artemis received only minor damage, several Orion pirate ships destroyed, and many prisoners taken.


  • CAPT Tungsten, Drake
  • CAPT Grant, Serah
  • CAPT Nimitz, Alistair
  • CAPT Timoreev, Andrej
  • ENS Murphy, Adelaide

NARRATIVE This officer and his crew, formerly of the USS Dragon, were recalled to Earth Space Dock last weekend after receiving our orders a few days prior to that, being assigned to one of the new Lexington Class ships, for which special dispensation was given to iterate the name and registry of the Dragon, owing to the ship’s sacrifice in carrying out her duties.

Starfleet Command shared that they were already considering sending one of these ships to bolster the 38th Fleet, and planning on utilizing one of those rolling off the assembly line in the next few weeks with an as-yet partially assembled crew. With the loss of our ship, there was a hole in the roster, and a significant fraction of the needed crew for a new starship ready for action, to pair with the junior officers and crew they were seeking to place. The decommissioning of the USS Geneva was delayed, as her crew was slotted to transfer to this ship. Upon learning that, this officer thanked the captain and crew of the USS Geneva, as well as Starfleet Command, profusely for their patience in re-arranging the ship assignments to our benefit. Their graciousness warmed the heart of this officer, even if Command was eager to keep the 38th Fleet well-staffed, given our proximity to the Klingon and Azedi borders.

The past two weeks have been spent studying the technical manuals for the new USS Dragon, NCC 93887-A, as well as personnel rosters, and finally getting more hands-on experience with the ship and meeting new crew members plus getting everyone acquainted with our procedures for the last several days.

With all systems go for launch on her maiden voyage from the Fleet Yards to Deep Space 13 for a short shakedown cruise, general distress call from the USS Artemis was received. Starfleet Command was contacted, since we were within visual range of them, and we were informed that yes, ships had been dispatched from Starbase 114, who normally patrols the Kassae Sector, but it would take them about an hour to reach Gliese 79248+334 at maximum warp, and assist. Those ships were USS Honshu, and USS Villegas. This officer requested the further indulgence of Starfleet Command to give the new USS Dragon a more fitting shakedown cruise, and utilize the Sol System Transwarp Gate to provide timelier assistance to USS Artemis. This officer is pleased to say that they enthusiastically agreed. We would arrive within a few minutes, thanks to the transwarp gate.

Much of the action preceded our arrival to the system, though in speaking to Captain Grant after the fact, it would seem that an outpost base full of Orion pirates was discovered while doing their sensor sweeps, and Artemis was fighting quite well, but badly outnumbered. This officer recalls mention that at least one of their ships was destroyed before the arrival of the USS Dragon, but this officer also recommends reading Captain Grant’s report for more details of events prior to our arrival.

Communication was made with USS Artemis, they having already been notified by Starfleet Command of our impending arrival, and conferencing in one of the Orion ships, apparently the “new” lead ship. Certain… theatrics… were employed over hailing frequencies by the crew of the USS Dragon, which have had at least a 50% success rate in scaring off pirates in our previous posting to the fleet in the Celes Sector out of Starbase 114. It unfortunately did not work this time, and they declined our offer to withdraw or surrender, despite pointing out their dismal odds of survival.

Upon emerging from the transwarp corridor into the Gliese 79248+334 system, we ascertained that the USS Artemis was keeping up a withering barrage of phaser and torpedo fire going behind them as they went through the gas giant’s atmosphere to hinder the pursuing 5 Orion cruisers. As a side note, this officer would like to stop here to praise the skill of Captain Nimitz at the tactical station, and Captain Grant in making use of the nearby planet to hinder enemy pursuit.

USS Artemis came about as we entered the system, and launched all 36 fighters, as well as the USS Shen-Long escort-corvette. We were able to take out two of the enemy ships with our phaser-lance cannon in one shot. This officer gives his compliments to the Starfleet Engineering Corps. The remaining ships were caught in a pincer between USS Dragon and its escort wing, and the USS Artemis, as it ascended from the gas giant’s atmosphere. Tactical sensor and computer uplink was made with the Artemis to help avoid friendly fire. The remaining ships were dispatched quickly, having cancelled their numerical advantage.

At this point, both the USS Dragon and USS Artemis flew to the pirate outpost on the nearby moon, where Captain Grant hailed them, and called for their surrender. They grudgingly agreed, and we began beaming them to our respective brigs. Thankfully, the USS Honshu and USS Villegas arrived on-schedule, and assisted with taking prisoners, at which point we could send security teams to the outpost to sweep for any stragglers, and inventory and collect any stolen goods or enslaved people for return. The four ships then headed to DS13 to deposit all prisoners until a suitable transport ship can come collect them for trial and a Federation prison facility.

RECOMMENDATION While the USS Artemis is a very capable Gagarin Class vessel, it would be prudent to keep a ship or two on rapid-response standby, even as they may be carrying out normal patrols in case their assistance is needed. Artemis is surveying areas of space that have only received cursory long-range scans to this point, and the dangers are unknown.
RECOGNITION As mentioned above, I would like to recognize the superior tactical abilities of both Captains Grant and Nimitz, as well as hearing second-hand of the excellent performance of Ensign Murphy subbing in at Operations aboard the Artemis, which this officer finds perfectly consistent with his previous observations first-hand. Captain Timoreev was also said to have provided valuable advice and counsel on the mission.

OOC I had a lot of fun with this event, and I thank everyone for joining, and putting up with my extremely hammy, if not cheesy, debut of Drake’s new ship. I’m also very pleased that I could give someone else, in this case Serah, a chance as a Captain to be a Captain in this event, and really enjoyed being a fly on the wall for that! Event Log