AAR: The Kirorai Purchase

Stardate 96737
Third Lorso’Toran
Level 1 - Open

LOCATION: Kirorai, Kirorai System

MISSION: Investigate the pressence of Ferengi and Packled in the system

OUTCOME: captain Bishop, and Liutenat Valore, wounded. Possible cultural contamination. Ferengi got away.


CPT. Samuel Bisho

LT. Sera Valore

ENS. Mitsuki Rumiho

LTGR. Shinwa Tsurugi



The USS endeavours was following up on the FerLed Organisation activity, and investigate the pre-warp civilization in the system. A squad made up of 6 jem'hadar with the highest ratings for stealth, where assigned to the Endeavour, to help Captain bishop pursue this mission. Our stealth capabilities make us ideal for recon missions.

When we entered the system, we immediately encountered a FerLed vessel, and detected frengin on the surface. After making contact with the vessel, a squad was assembled to go down to the surface.

Once we arrived I skimmed in OverWatch position on a nearby rooftop while the rest of the group moved into the market. They observed the two Ferengi scanning something. They were talking in their native language about having successfully identified something Below the market that they were after. We have theorized that it could potentially be a mineral deposit but we do not have any solid proof over the exact nature of it. I attempted to follow the Ferngi as they left the market, but they transported to there ship, as soon as they though they where not being watched.

After overhearing the Ferengi we regroup but this is violated regular social norms, relating to the distance of people in a crowd and the presence of women outside the house. This initiated a fight. In the fight Captain bishop and lieutenant valore we're both stabbed.

the three individuals were involved in the assault were incapacitated with the one individual who saw the Vulcans green blood being killed in order to mitigage any cultural contamination

LTGR. Shinwa Tsurugi used a flare to distract the crowd while the four Starfleet officers beamed up to receive medical attention. I remained on the surface. I cleaned up the green blood,and once again assumed an overwatch position to observe the crowd reacting to the sudden disappearance.

I was there as a group of man in what appeared to be military guard entered the market and began to investigate the occurrence. Before i could make a more detailed observation, I was beamed up to the ship


deploy a jem'hadar Recon team to the planet with three specific Mission objective.

Determine the level of cultural contamination our present and the Ferengi present caused
Determine what is below the market that the Ferengi want
observe the Ferengi if they return to the planet and eliminate them if they pose a threat

The Recon team should have a ship in orbit to dissuade any attempt by the Ferled organization to continue their potentially damaging activity in the region

also given the misogynistic cultural norms of this planet, I would advise making sure that any subsequent field team is made up exclusively by male presenting individuals


OOC: This is the AAR for the event “The Kirorai Purchase”.

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