AAR: The Mind of the Hive

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CAPT Timoreev, Andrej A.

After Action Report

LOCATION Hitaus System

MISSION Investigate sighting reports of Unknown Spacefaring Species.

OUTCOME Three exemplars located and identified. One pursued to unidentified Dyson-like sphere.


  • CAPT Andrej A. Timoreev
  • CMDR Elizabeth Callahan-Kermit
  • LT Miriam Reyes

NARRATIVE The U.S.S. Attar was deployed to the Hitaus system in order to investigate and corroborate sighting reports of members of the Unidentified Spacefaring Species (hereafter USS) previously encountered by the U.S.S. Invictus and U.S.S. Lauda.
Upon reaching the system, long-range scans identified multiple planetoids deemed of interest for the USS members based on previously collected data. Under advise of Cmdr. Callahan-Kermit, the Attar reached the orbit of the second planet in the system, where it was able to located three members of the USS, intent in harvesting materials from the planet and in communicating among them using subspace frequencies. Once isolated, and put through the audio systems, these communications were revealed to be quite a chaotic ensemble of many different kind of messages detailing the activities that were being performed at the time.
At that moment, one of the USS moved to leave the planet. After having left a probe to collect more data on the planet, the Attar moved on to pursue. The USS, consistently with what already observed by the U.S.S. Invictus, opened a wormhole for interstellar travel; the U.S.S. Attar launched a probe through the wormhole, which allow the crew to pinpoint the coordinates of the USS destination.
Upon reaching the coordinates, the U.S.S. Attar was able to follow the USS to a huge, Dyson-like sphere, apparently under construction by the USS. The USS were observed entering the sphere full of materials, and then leaving apparently devoid of life, before being ‘collected’ by other USSs back into the sphere.
Communication attempts were not made at the moment under advise of both Cmdr. Callahan-Kermit and Lt. Reyes that, lacking a better understanding of their communication techniques, an external message could have been interpreted as an hostile intrusion.
The U.S.S. Attar then kept position and sent a probe specifically modified in order to analyze the communication system of the USS.

RECOMMENDATION It is clear that the USS are a sentient species capable of highly-advanced thinking. Attempts at collecting more data on their social and cultural behavior and their communication systems is to be considered a priority. First contact procedures should be initiated as soon as enough data have been collected to provide the necessary means to communicate.

RECOGNITION I would like to extend my personal gratitude for both Cmdr. Callahan-Kermit and Lt. Reyes for their invaluable suggestions and aid during the mission.

OOC This is the AAR for The Mind of the Hive! Many thanks to @drcrippler for organizing the event!