AAR: The Missing Shuttle

Filed By:
LT Shea

After Action Report

LOCATION Unnamed Class M Planet - Will require classification

MISSION To discover the whereabouts of the lost shuttle ENDVR, attached to the USS Endeavour

OUTCOME The USS Endeavour discovered that a lost shuttle, the ENDVR, was located on an unnamed planet. Survivors were found, but did not last long after discovery.


  • CAPT Mirazuni, A.
  • LT Niraj, A.
  • LT Shea
  • ENS Sovum, V.

NARRATIVE While on a routine patrol, the USS Endeavour discovered a signal from the shuttle ENDVR, previously crewed by one Vulcan crewmember and two humans. Communication was established, and the crew of the shuttle explained that they had landed on the planet a day prior, before communication was lost due to interference from the planet. Captain Mirazuni assembled an away team consisting of herself, LT Niraj, and LT Shea.

Once on the surface of the marshy world, the team swiftly found the wreckage of the shuttle. Despite the insistence of the crew that they had only landed a day prior, the shuttle showed signs of age in excess of a century. Scans of the shuttle revealed that it was saturated with chroniton radiation. Furthermore, the two human crewmembers had perished, apparently of old age, and the remaining Vulcan crewmember, while still alive, showed signs of extremely advanced aging as well. Shortly after discovery, the Vulcan crewmember perished peacefully. The remains of all three crewmembers were beamed to the Endeavour’s morgue to be returned to their relatives, and a salvage team was sent to dismantle and study the wreckage of the ENDVR.

RECOMMENDATION The crewmembers whose lives were lost in the course of this mission should be buried with honors and their relatives informed of their passing. A scan of the planet also revealed that there are large structures located beneath the topsoil which may be of interest to the Science division. The planet should be catalogued and considered for further study.