AAR: The Morrow Morn

Stardate: 92421.249Report Submitted:
CAPT. Konieczko, D.
Delivered to: 38th\Command
Subcommander Davin Mandukar
Subcommander Aurelia T'Veras
Sublieutenant Aev

Subcommander Davin called all available personnel to the conference room and informed us of a distress signal that DS13 was forwarded to investigate.
The Vanguard, Arkhiann and D'Ishae responded with their respective teams to investigate. Upon arriving the three vessels sent down their investigative teams.

The system was class M, and unsettled. Upon reaching the surface we could see the wreckage of the ship.

When we arrived at the wreckage LTCMDR Alina Mandra was able to bring up a crew roster, but unable to gather a cargo manifest as the data had been corrupted. The hull of the ship had seen significant plasma damage and looked to have had a significant impact. Initial assessments were that of no survivors. We determined the vessel while possibly safe to enter would be quite irradiated and I made the call not to send in crew to further investigate.

I had Ensign Brecken investigate the plasma damage to attempt to find a cause to no luck. Initial assessment was that the plasma leaked from the engineering deck.

Continuing in land we then stumbled across a makeshift camp where we found the log of the ships captain. It seems that several of the bridge officers survived for several years after the crash. Expecting aid at any moment that never came, eventually they constructed a signal beacon, still no aid would come.
The captains log went into detail about how members of the crew died one by one. The last to die being the captain who took his own life with his disruptor pistol.

The investigation on the island continued and as we approached the coast we encountered an odd sight later to be caused by an airborne biological hallucinogen. Commander Keth was able to diagnose this at the same time another of the teams did.

I'd like to take this time commend the jobs performed by the following members of my away team.

Captain Samuel Bishop
Commander Keth
Lieutenant Commander Alina Mandra
and Ensign Harris Brecken

Should either of the other two captains have something to add, I have tacked you both onto this as well.

Dmitri R. Konieczko
Captain, U.S.S. Vanguard