AAR: The Mystery of Deck 13

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ENS Sovum, Veneela

After Action Report

LOCATION Deep Space 13, Deck 13

MISSION Investigation into mysterious happenings

OUTCOME Mysterious events turned out to be coming from a holodeck, father and son were having some free time.


  • ENS Veneela Sovum
  • CAPT Alex Holmes

NARRATIVE On Stardate 97638.9 this officer was witness to an auditory and visual phenomenon which, initially could not be easily explained. Following this officer’s shift within Deep Space 13’s Medical Department, a brisk walk was taken for a workout. Though normally this is suffiecent for cardiovascular excersize, this officer decided to hit a holodeck for something a bit more strenous.

As this officer rounded the corner to a holodeck, the lights above suddenly flickered and went entirely out. Almost immediately following the hallway going pitch black, a loud scream of a child was heard. Fearing someone aboard the station was actively being attacked, this officer reached out via her communications badge for additional assistance. It didn’t take long for Captain Holmes to respond and meet up with me.

During a calculated and thorough investigation, it was discovered the source of the scream was an excited child spending time with his father inside the holodeck, which was running a type of program this officer would describe as spooky. Though further investigation failed to reveal the cause of the lights going out.

RECOMMENDATION Engineering should follow up to determine the strange outing and ensure the safety of those aboard the station.

RECOGNITION All officers performed admirably, but I would like to thank Captain Holmes for responding so quickly

OOC This was just a quick event i ran a few days ago. Thanks for coming Brex I had a lot of fun!