AAR: The Old Ways

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CDR Amarik ir'Dralath Tr'Viaen

LOCATION Mol’Rihan, Republic Central Command Headquarters.

MISSION Gather information concerning possible involvement of Republic Navy high-ranking officers in the covert ops in the Anides star system.

OUTCOME Infiltration of Republic Navy Command detected; secret underground facility located and destroyed; data retrieved.


  • CDR Amarik ir’Dralath tr’Viaen, RRW Inyadar
  • CDR Davin, RRW D’Ishae
  • CDR Salil Sovum, RRW Vulleth
  • CDR Tamellia ir’Rhynne, RRW Cav’Sanalam

NARRATIVE RRW Inyadar had been dispatched to Mol’Rihan for scheduled extensive maintenance. Under restricted orders of this Command, the Commanding Officer of the Inyadar, CDR Amarik ir’Dralath tr’Viaen had also been assigned further orders to investigate Republic Command Headquarters in order to identify the possible identity of high-ranking officers involved in the recent unauthorized covert operation that had taken place in the Anides star system.
The Inyadar welcomed on board other JSI personnel for this mission, then proceed to Mol’Rihan. Upon arrival in orbit, the team transported to HQ to begin the investigation. The plan agreed upon was to split, with each individual member investigating in different areas of HQ based on their contacts there and expertise, while keeping a comm channel among members whenever feasible.
CDR tr’Viaen contacted SrADM Tokkra to make a report on the Inyadar status, while CDR Davin contacted SUBADM Rellir, CDR Sovum attempted contacting science personnel working at HQ, and CDR ir’Rhynne opted for looking for known contacts.
Since the very beginning, the mission appeared to be extremely difficult to be carried out, given the secrecy of our orders and the scant information in our possession. Consequently, while the main purpose was to collect further information, CDR tr’Viaen also opted for a second strategy: to propose a ‘bait’ for the whoever had been behind the orders for Anides.
Consequently, in reporting to SrADM Tokkra, CDR tr’Viaen mentioned the possibility that, during patrol, the Inyadar may have intercepted a signal belonging to a cloaked vessel, hypothesizing it could have been an Imperial unit. The rationale behind this ruse was the following: whoever had ordered the operation on Anides would have been worried at the possibility that the Imperials could have collected evidence of Republic involvement, with the further possibility of revealing data to our Federation allies in order to weaken the alliance itself in a much more disastrous way; or, if it was hypothesized the cloaked unit belonged to the Republic, that some other officer in our Navy could have understood what was going on. Either way, the spread of this news among high-ranking officers in our Navy could have alerted the conspirators.
In the meanwhile, CDR Davin had the opportunity of meeting with SUBADM Rellir to gather as much information about the behavior and attitudes of other high-ranking officers at Command. While attempting to meet SrADM Thomek (whose name was also reported to CDR tr’Viaen via secure link), the RRF commander for the Anides Sector, they had the chance of meeting Commander-General Saren, Republic Intelligence, and Senator Havaid. The presence of both people at SrADM Thomek’s office at that time, in particular, appeared quite suspicious.
At that time, we had not noticed the absence of any contact from CDR ir’Rhynne and we didn’t have any chance to acknowledge that our team had been, at all effects, already exposed, at least in some of its members. The situation became clear once CDR Sovum was met with a patrol made by two security officers while he was attempting at infiltrating the labs. Understanding the danger of the situation, the Commander opened a channel with the other team members, so that they could understand that situation he was into. By the team CDR tr’Viaen and CDR Davin arrived on the scene, however, CDR Sovum had disappeared. Not understanding at first what had happened, we had no choice but to let the security patrol go back its way.
We two team members missing, we regrouped at SUBADM Rellir’s mansion, discussing our situation and our options. By analysing sensor logs we detected transportation signals from RRF HQs to a secret location in Mol’Rihan. With limited data and options, we decided to intervene directly in order to rescue the other team members. On site, it looked immediately clear we had found a secret underground base of the conspirators. Both CDR ir’Rhynne and CDR Sovum were kept prisoners, with three guards protecting the area. The attacking team managed to disable the guards, rescue the prisoners, and collect all retrievable data on site.

RECOMMENDATION It looks clear that we are dealing with an organized conspiracy embedded inside the RRF and, possibly, the Republic Senate (or at least with the external support of some Senate members). Needless to say, this is alarming, and potentially disrupting for the cohesiveness of our forces and our government. My personal recommendation is that we devote more resources to pursue the investigation about this conspiracy, using all available channels. Also, we should adopt a more proactive strategy, as to simply investigate and wait would mean to give the initiative back to our adversaries: they have likely received a blow with the discovery and capture of their base, so the best course of action at this moment would be to take full profit from our victory and from the temporary advantage we are probably currently enjoying.
It is particularly worrisome that the Senate could be involved in the conspiracy. I intend to personally pursue this path of investigation, if this Command should require it, taking profit from my already existing connections with the Senate.
In no case should this conspiracy be allowed to continue its activities unchecked.

RECOGNITION While all team members behaved excellently, I would like to stress the value of CDR Davin’s contribution to the success of this mission. Also, the support of SUBADM Rellir has been fundamental for the success of our attack on the conspirators’ base.

OOC This is the AAR for the The Old Ways. My thanks fo to @kermit for organizing this, and to all who attended. Also, my apologies for the delay in delivering the report, and for any misrepresentation of any character’s activity during the session.