AAR: The Poseidon Misadventure

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CAPT Holmes, A. E.

LOCATION Uncharted system, Alpha-7190 Sector

MISSION 30th July Gamma | The Poseidon Misadventure

OUTCOME Mycelial rift sealed. U.S.S. Poseidon destroyed, 264 survivors from a crew of 815. Captain Thiran Ch’ishyrhor amongst deceased. Planetary system quarantined.


NARRATIVE The Dallas, Dragon, Isandlwana, Moytura, Pegasus and Saraswati were diverted to an uncharted Star System in the Alpha-7190 sector which holds a mycelial rift and is the last known location of the U.S.S. Poseidon. Our orders were to seal the rift and locate the Poseidon, and if necessary, rescue her and her crew.

Upon arrival, all vessels were assigned roles and examination of the rift began. As the rift was larger than those previously encountered, we looked for a synchronised means of closing the rift from both sides. Moytura took the right side of the rift with Isandlwana providing cover, while Saraswati took the other with Pegasus providing cover. Meanwhile, both Dragon and Dallas began SAR for the Poseidon.

Shortly after arrival within the system however, all ships were reporting a noticeable and substantial increase in production of trilithium resin within their warp cores. All ships were ordered to shut down warp power and utilise impulse only.

As we were closer to the third planet in the system, where the rift was located, the Poseidon was located in the middle, caught in a web of antiproton flares. Scans showed no life signs, and signs of extensive fire damage within the vessel. It was also evident that the planet had suffered from a mass combustion event of almost all florae.

Dallas and the Dragon moved closer to the rift in an attempt to pull the Poseidon from the rift, while Saraswati and Moytura began working on a procedure to close the rift. Confident that there was no immediate Mo’Kai or Elachi presence, the Poseidon departed to the planet to perform an in-depth scan for lifeforms, while the Isandlwana provided combat cover support for the rift.

As we attempted to remove the Poseidon from the rift, the antiproton flares grew in size and intensity, lashing against the Dallas and Dragon, until shields had been depleted, with the Poseidon being pulled further towards the rift, with Dallas and Dragon pulled along with it. We disengaged tractor beams and the Poseidon returned to its original location.

With reports coming in from around the system, we had a plan of action and some theories.

The Planet

Away teams from the Moytura and Pegasus beamed to the planet in search of the away teams. Oxygen and carbon dioxide levels indicated that the plant life above sea level had been incinerated roughly two months prior, when the Poseidon had first been reported missing. Insect life had already begun entering extinction, small mammals were in short supplies. The planet was dying.

The planet was at a similar level of technology to circa year 2000 Earth, and the dominant species were very similar to that of Earth as well, with minor external differences. The surviving crew of the Poseidon had integrated with the citizens well and had brought down some technology such as replicators, waste recyclers and some communication equipment to ensure prolonged survival of their group.

Reports of the planet included reports of “fake people” who would use the voices and appearances of disappeared peoples, and attempt to lure out unsuspecting victims.

The Poseidon

An away team was selected from the various ships and beamed directly aboard the Poseidon in full EV suits. Once aboard the transporter room, we cleared some of the burn damage and noticed the transporter itself was still powered, with two intact patterns inside, the Captain and Chief Engineer. Attempts to rematerialise these patterns resulted only in nervous and vascular tissues being returned, both were pronounced dead immediately.

After atmosphere was returned, we heard someone banging on the door and calling out, despite no lifesigns. We corroborated this with the reports from the planet and abandoned the Poseidon immediately.

The Rift

…our working theory is that the rift is affecting subspace in the vicinity, increasing the rate of dilithium reactivity and decay. Thus, the trilithium buildup in our warp cores, and Poseidon’s as well. We’re picking up a lot of trilithium contamination within the rift itself. That’s what we’re trying to remove. - Captain Sanara Draz

The plan to remove the rift would require two anti-matter pods from each vessel so as to provide enough anti-matter to seal the rift, and not leave any ship stranded. Once the pods were collected, they were pushed into the rift and detonated. The explosion was large enough to consume much of the rift and the Poseidon. Regular closure techniques were then employed, and the rift was fully sealed.

I will note an objection in my log from Captain Draz who believed that there was a being attempting to initiate contact from within the rift. While I accept that may have been the case, given the amount of death so far caused by this potential intelligence, I elected to destroy the rift.

RECOMMENDATION I recommend no charges for breach of the Prime Directive are brought forward against the crew of the Poseidon. In the difficult situation they faced, I believe the planet and its civilisation was already an essential loss by the time of their alleged breach, the damage had already been done. Further I would recommend that the survivors are brought into the Federation instead of being allowed to starve or suffocate on their dying planet.

RECOGNITION All involved acted with the decorum and strengths expected from Starfleet officers. While I did not agree with Captain Draz, I must commend her ongoing commitment to the Federation’s values in such a trying time. Had additional time being afforded, and the situation on the planet not been so dire, I would have argued for the same.

OOC Thank you for attending this event, sorry for the loooong delay on getting an AAR up, I had mistakenly assumed someone had agreed to write it up, but that was for the chatlog, available here: https://argo.ex-astris.net/t/log-the-poseidon-misadventure/2410/1 - thank you both Sam for starting it and Drake for finishing it! This AAR would not have been possible without!