AAR: The Potter's Field Anomaly ((K-1522))

Stardate: 93166.9Exploration of POI-K-1522Report Submitted: LCDR Zaldo, M.Classification Level One

The USS Myanmar was assigned to explore the K-1522 system, after a set of probes launched into the area stopped returning their data and seemed to go missing. We traveled directly from DS-13 to K-1522 to investigate the situation, and if possible recover the probe data.

Upon arrival at the coordinates. we found ourself in open space, there was no evidence of the system, the probes or much of anything else. Soon after our sensors systems began to fail, and we experienced a sudden and critical power drain to all active systems aboard Myanmar. Bridge crew speculated a number of potential causes, and Lt. Aveti mentioned the similarity to the anomaly known as Tyken's Rift. We couldn't see anything, as it seemed that there were no sources of light, and no ability to scan using other means.

We launched another probe in an attempt to scan the region, to verify that hypothesis, but scanning systems on the probe went offline before data could be recovered. What we did manage to discover, visually, was that we weren't the first vessel caught in this anomaly, as several other hulks were drifting dead in the area. The light from the probe quickly faded though, and we were left in the dark again.

Our systems started to go offline, one by one. I decided to take the advice of Aveti, and treat this as a Tyken's Rift. We prepared a chemical reaction known to disperse such rifts, but to no effect. At that time, I had Lt. Mercer send word to DS-13, warning them of the situation, and telling them to avoid sending a rescue for fear they might also become trapped. Not long after Holliday started to receive data from the probe we had sent, as it had escaped the area of effect.

With our systems drained, and only enough power to use our impulse engines for a very brief time, I ordered the launch of yet another probe, along the same path as the first, then ordered the Helm to follow it out. Aveti suggested using the power from our shuttles to supplement our chemical thrusters, once impulse power was drained. And we made the attempt to escape, draining all power in the process. Eventually we were left with only our inertia to propel us free of the anomaly.

While I am responsible for the orders given, I must give credit to my bridge crew and their shipmates for providing me with options. In this case these options saved us all, and I must note that here.

Once free of the affected area, we were able to recover the probes we'd launched, but neither seemed to hold data of the anomaly. Still, we will provide them to the Station Science department for further study. As a matter of safety, Myanmar launched a series of warning buoys around the known edges of the anomaly zone, which I am naming the Potter's Field Anomaly, due to the number of unknown craft left here to perish there without ceremony.

Upon leaving the anomaly zone, our systems came back online, and showed no ill effect, despite what normally would or should occur in sudden power loss situations, and it wasn't long before we were on our way again, after a series of diagnostics to verify ship functionality.

Once warning buoys were deployed, Myanmar continued along its normal patrol route without further incident,

Officers Involved:
LT Mercer
LT Aveti
LT Holliday

Lieutenant Commander Mathilda Zaldo
Acting Captain, U.S.S. Myanmar