AAR: Through the Looking Glass

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CAPT Skye, F.

After Action Report

LOCATION Chertan IV, Doza Sector

MISSION Investigate the colony and CAPT Ayesha’s report that colonists had gone missing.

OUTCOME Discovered that colonists had been going missing for close to three months. CMDR Larson discovered an unidentified object, referred to as ALPHA throughout the rest of this report, the away team regrouped at the commanders location outside of mine. ALPHA appeared to be emitting a strange aura that drew people towards it, ALPHA appears to be the cause of the missing colonists.


  • CAPT Fiona Skye
  • CMDR Natasha Larson (MIA)
  • LCDR Quinn Macginnis
  • ENS Jodi Izly
  • ENS Rumiho Mitsuki
  • CDT Aetah

BACKGROUND Once the away team had arrived on the colony, the team split into three smaller groups to cover the most ground. CMDR Larson met with the governor, LCDR Macginnis, and ENS Izly spoke to the technicians while CDT Aetah and myself made our way to the market square to talk to the traders.
I can not provide a report on the other two teams, this report will continue with my perspective of the mission until we regrouped later.

Once we arrived at the market place, it was in the early hours, so the market stalls were still getting set up. We spoke to a baker to get information about the missing colonists and what has been going on in the colony. Through our interactions with the local colonists, we ascertained that colonists had been going missing for close to three months already, and 17 colonists had gone missing.
At this point, CMDR Larson then contacted the team with the information they had found something, which turned out to the arch-shaped object ALPHA.

The away team regrouped outside of a mine; when we stepped inside, we felt the effects of a strange aura that I would have to describe as an almost blissful feeling trying to draw us further in. The Commander had a rotating system for people inside the mine to limit exposure to the object. We headed in to meet the Commander and observe the object.
ALPHA was in the middle of what appeared to be a large circular amphitheatre that seemed to be ancient in nature, with the stone arch object (ALPHA) standing in the centre of it.
This was when the situation leading to CMDR Larson being listed as MIA occurred. A member of the team with the CMDR moved slightly closer to ALPHA which the CMDR attempted to stop. However, with the ENS moving suddenly, CMDR Larson stumbled towards the arch. I attempted to stop the Commander from falling into the arch, however, I was unable to do so, and Commander Larson fell into the archway.

It was at this point, I ordered the away team out of the mine as we had no information on what ALPHA was or what had happened to CMDR Larson. We returned to the USS Endeavour to debrief her captain on the situation.

RECOMMENDATION It is my recommendation that ALPHA is continued to be studied in rotating shifts and that as soon as someone is starting to feel the effects of the aura strongly they be relieved from the area for their own safety and the safety of the team.
The unknown factor of what ALPHA is may require additional tasking of scientific support teams to the area, especially as we have 17 civilians and a Starfleet officer MIA

OOC This AAR is for Through the Looking Glass
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