AAR: Tour of Duty - Hromi Headache

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CMDR Barron, Mai’kull

After Action Report

Xarantine Sector; Hromi Cluster

Survey Hromi Cluster to update Federation Starcharts, and Patrol for Klingon Activity

OUTCOME Uneventful / Uncertain


  • CMDR Barron, Maikull
  • LCDR Brannigan, Zachary
  • LCDR Three of Fourteen

Between Stardate 97707.5 and 97721.2; USS Sun-Tzu was positioned in the Hromi Cluster, performing Astrological Surveying of the Region. Most of our mission was uneventful, with our Science Department very occupied with their duties. On Stardate 97718.3 we encountered a Level 9 Ion Storm which was emitting a manufactured signal from within. Unable to determine if the signal was a result of a hidden station, or possibly a distress call, an exploration mission was launched.

Outfitting a Class 8 Shuttlecraft with modulated regenerative shields and Ion Gas Sensors, the small size of the vessel was deemed lowest risk to enter the Ion Storm, as the Gas Clouds within were large enough for the shuttlecraft to enter without ‘cross contaminating ionic charges’. I originally Tasked my Chief Tactical Officer and Pilot LtCmdr Zach Brannigan as well as my Executive Officer Jessie Stern to perform this mission, however I ended up taking Stern’s place due to a medical incident that occurred, unrelated to the mission. (I will CC my CMO’s Report to DS13 Medical once it is available).

Upon Entry into the Ion Storm, the Shuttlecraft was Disabled due to a residual ion trail left behind by the Shuttlecraft exiting a volatile storm convergence. Upon restoring power, an unknown person or entity was found on the shuttlecraft with us. [[Humanoid Female, all Black Clothing, No Markings or Brandings for identification could be seen]] The ‘Unknown’ was not hostile, but curious as to our presence within the Ion Storm, making no effort to explain their presence inside. When informed of the signal that brought our attention, the ‘Unknown’ seemed to terminate the signal with a snap of her fingers. I tried to press for more information, but the ‘Unknown’ Generated some sort of bright electrical field which blinded both myself and LtCmdr Brannigan, and when we came too, our Shuttlecraft was back inside the Shuttlebay of the Sun-Tzu.

Subsequently, My Second Officer who was left in command, reported that the Ion Storm appeared to dissipate as if it never existed, leaving no signs of ionic residue. The Shuttlecraft’s onboard logs and databanks had been wiped (presumably by the ‘Unknown’) but our ships records from Launch to “Return” indicate that the transport from the Storms Epicenter back to the ship was almost instantaneous.

I wish I had more information to give. I am attaching the ships Astrological Readings of the Ion Storm prior to its disappearance, as well as Ships Manifest of the Away-Team, providing a ‘timeline’ of sorts. Preliminary speculation among my Senior Staff suggest we encountered either an Entity from the Q, or possibly an Organian, but in all reality, we have nothing to support these theory’s.

We will be wrapping up here within 24 Hours, and reporting to the Ayala System. If you have any further questions, I will do what I can to provide answers.

RECOMMENDATION In short, I don’t know or think there is much of anything to do in regards to our ‘find’. From the brief conversation I had with the “unknown” it appeared to have been discovered due to an oversight on its part (Be it general carelessness or underestimation of our technological abilities). I highly doubt we would be able to locate or find it again unless it wanted to be found. However, due to the political nature of the location, a few more patrols would not hurt.

RECOGNITION I would like to thank my Second In Command, LtCmdr Three of Fourteen, Chief Tactical Officer Zach Brannigan, and Chief Medical Officer Roptojmey for being able to handle the hurdles thrown at them during this time, and keeping a cool/level head.

OOC This is in response to Episode 3 of my “Tour of Duty” Post, found here: First Tour of Duty [U.S.S. Sun-Tzu] - #4 by Maikull

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