AAR: Tour of Duty - Requiem of Retribution

Filed By:
CMDR Barron, Mai'kull

After Action Report

Federation Colony Ajilon Prime, Ajilon System, Archanis Sector

Deliver Colony Supplies and Defensive Provisions to Colony

Upon Arrival to Colony, Discovered a political coup had occurred. Current Leadership was attempting to secretly annex colony to Klingon Empire for personal benefit with a rising Influential Klingon House.


  • Commander Mai’kull Barron
  • Commander Jessica Stern
  • Lt.Cmdr Three of Fourteen (Pi)

Arrived at colony to discover communications array was not working properly. Reached out to check on the colony to find a new Colony Manager ‘Adria’ was in power. Immediately knew something was wrong, as they could not answer questions about previous long time Manager Axel. Took an away team to the surface to investigate, where we were mistaken for ‘Klingon Operatives’. Adria attempted to discuss with us transfer of colony over to the Empire in exchange for power and influence with the new regime. But quickly realized her mistake, and detained myself and Lt.Cmdr Pi. Adria then sent a Pirated Nausicaan Vandal Destroyer to attack the USS Sun-Tzu.

Commander Stern commanded the ship in defense against the aggressive Nausicaan vessel, which self-destructed upon being disabled. Commander Stern and Crew were then able to re-align the Communications Array and return to the Colony. During this time, Lt.Cmdr Pi and Myself managed to escape detention with the aid of Axel who had been hiding on the colony from Adria. Together we hacked into the central computer and uncovered files and messages implicating Adria of her crimes.

These files, along with the recorded confession was broadcasted to the colony to expose Adria and force her out of her stronghold, where she was confronted by away team members at the Shuttle bay, and placed into custody.

The Colony -
Recommend a detachment be sent to Ajilon Prime to continuously monitor the location and aid with further defensive development. Partial Restoration of Ajilon Outpost is an option, to ensure no further tampering with Communication Equipment, and to keep an eye on Colony affairs’ without being directly involved.

The Klingon Connection -
During the course of our investigation, it was determined Adria was acting alone in the motives to take over the colony, believing the future political shift within the Klingon Empire would give her the means to use the colony as a barging chip. Though she jumped the gun in essence, she did attempt contact with several small houses. It is believed she felt her greatest chance was with “House Mar’voga”, despite no responses given. What is troubling, is that if these houses did in deed receive these messages, and chose not to respond, they also chose not to inform Starfleet of a potential breach of colonial security.

(Personal Request) -
If nothing else, I am requesting that a member of the Counseling Department reach out to Resource Manager Axel. He was a child when the Klingon Empire first invaded Ajilon Prime and killed his family, and served zealously in defense of the colony during the last Federation-Klingon War. He has been restored as Resource Manager, but has expressed doubt and depression; though also feels that there is no one else capable of handling the position at this time. With current circumstances, and the potential threat of another possible conflict with the Klingons, I feel he needs a better outlet for his emotions before they get the best of him.

I would like to commend my first officer, Jessica Stern; and crew for their performance in dealing with the Nausicaan Destroyer in my absence. Though the vessel was ultimately destroyed, they did their best to disable the vessel in accordance with Starfleet Morals, while ensuring the safety and security of the crew.

Also special recognition to my Operations Cheif, Lt.Cmdr Three of Fourteen who served with me on the away team to uncover Adria’s scheme.