AAR: Toxic Chocolate

DIAGNOSISReaction towards chocolate
TREATMENTInjection of certain enzymes so the patients body could compensate for the chocolate
POST-TREATMENTVitals checked every hour, and as instructed by Dr. S'Slaask, more injections if needed. Spending the night at the medical ward, if the patient feels better in the morning I see no reason why she cannot return to active duty.

A quiet time at the bar turned out for the worse as Lt. Sh’Ralla was unlucky to get a drink containing chocolate. Andorians lack the enzymes to process chocolate.
Escorted by Captain Lazard and myself to the medical ward to receive treatment.

Dr S'Slaask was there to guide the treatment, and following his instructions, Lt Sh’Ralla was administered an injection containing certain enzymes, allowing her body to process the chocolate.

While I was monitoring the Lt’s progress and seeing her vitals stabilizing, I was trying to convince the good Captain Lazard to get his annual exam done. The Captain was reluctant and was saved by the fact that Lt Sh’Ralla regained her consciousness, although only for a short period.

Dr S’slaask made a not for the bartender, which Captain Lazard was kind enough to deliver while I was making sure the Lt was comfortable for the night.

I have put Lt Ralla on bedrest over the night, and if she feels healthy in the morning she can return to duty.

//Lieutenant Junior Grade Caelia Bida
Medical Officer
Deep Space Thirteen