AAR: TSTT Encounter

Stardate 95203.1
CMDR Leveson-Scott
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Dubhe Sector

MISSION: Response to distress signal during routine patrol

OUTCOME: TSTT Intelligence gathered


CAPT Nimitz
CMDR Kannys (NPC)
CMDR Leveson-Scott
CMDR Larson
LT McLean
LTJG Savur (NPC)
ENS Bonzi (NPC)

Hathe ban Kir (NPC)
Zann bav Kir (NPC)
Trill Captain (NPC)

NARRATIVE: During the return leg of our routine patrol taking us back to collect personnel from shore leave on Bajor; we received a distress signal from a civilian freighter asking for Federation assistance. I ordered a course change to investigate and on arrival we found said freighter drifting under low power after performing an emergency core ejection, with the residue of the breached core evident nearby.

Dialogue with the Tellarite captain - Zann - was progressing at a cautious pace (owing to both the ship and his uniform baring the insignia of the known criminal front Trans-Sector Trading Triskaidecarch (TSTT). This held us at a stalemate of information gathering on their circumstances up to the time when another vessel was detected approaching our position. This was identified as a Klingon Bird of Prey, also registered as a TSTT vessel. The Trill captain of this vessel made clear that they were responding to an earlier distress signal from the freighter on behalf of TSTT, identifying himself as an emergency response vessel. After establishing that the freighter was a third party contractor and being catered to by the TSTT Bird of Prey - neither vessel presenting any indicator of previously recorded illegal activity or ship modifications - I gave the order to depart and allow them to proceed about their own affairs since it was clear that our aid was no longer required.

A significant amount of bureaucratic dialogue was ongoing throughout the encounter between the two TSTT vessels, however after our movement was detected the Bird of Prey moved to intercept us and gained a weapons lock. This was challenged and brought about a response stating that as a recorded presence on the scene of their incident, they required us to provide certain information for their insurance purposes. With no intention of providing any such information - be it personal to myself as acting CO or the Endeavour as a whole - to a known criminal organization, this was refused and the weapons lock taken as a threat. When they did not back down following my counter challenge, I gave the order for Captain Nimitz - who was graciously assisting at our tactical station while we dealt with the unknown circumstances described herein - to fire a warning shot across their bow.

The low yield phaser shot was perfectly aimed and the TSTT vessel promptly disengaged, and I had the Endeavour stand down it's weapons once they backed off. Feeling sympathy for the Trill captain still following a number of statements he indirectly made during the dialogue, and general impression presented of his circumstances within the organization; I had Commander Kannys send a text only message to the him, offering an olive branch of sorts and a means to get himself and his crew out of the organization and safely into allied care in exchange for information on his employers. Regrettably this was declined, though the return contact means provided is a standard isolated outreach channel for this exact purpose and as such, will remain open to future contact should he have a change of heart of wish to seek us out at a later date; an eventuality which - whilst unlikely - is not completely ruled out at this stage.

RECOMMENDATION: No further action is required at this time. SFI records regarding TSTT will be updated with observational findings that came out of this encounter. Including, but not limited to; operational area, scope of legitimate business front, use of non-associated contractors & scale of possible larger operation (derived from nature and volume of contractor cargo: freshly mined ore).

OOC: This is from the event: "A Drop in the Covila". If I've unintentionally misrepresented your character's actions, misspelled their names, got their rank incorrect, et cetera, please send me a PM over enjin and I'll make the necessary edits.