AAR: TSTT Prisoner Questioning Results

Stardate 95076.1
CMDR R. Phoenix
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Deep Space Thirteen

MISSION: Interrogate the TSTT Captain that attacked the USS Zulu.

OUTCOME: Captain placed in witness protection, statement received.

CAPT A. Nimitz
CMDR R. Phoenix

CAPT Uriah Bental (Prisoner) (NPC)

NARRATIVE: After careful questioning from both Captain Nimitz and myself, (logs stored here) we managed to elicit the following statement from the Captain.

Spoiler: BENTALU_Statement95062.4Show
I hereby declare that the following statement is true to the best of my knowledge and understand the implications that arise from any statements proving to be untrue: x

The Trans-Sector Trading Triskaidecarch (TSTT) is a galaxy-wide cooperation who own many smaller companies. Though their business is legitimate and legal, there are elements of the company that operates outside the law.

I was the head of a pirate organisation called "The Bental Raiders". Through my contacts, I was able to negotiate a contract with a person named T'kuq K'mporv. The particulars of this contract stipulated that any goods captured would be transferred to an account called "White Cross Accounts", and I would be paid a lump sum. Any attempts to sell items to anyone other than the above organisation would result in the termination of the contract. It is important to mention that the term "goods" was defined very loosely and included the trade of sentient beings.

Whilst I have no evidence to prove that there is any link between my work and the TSTT, T'kuq is a well-known member of TSTT and I believe that all goods are traded within the company and waylaid by mounds of legality and paperwork to cover their tracks.

I would also like to mention that any pirate organisation that does not work for T'kuq, are hunted down mercilessly by the TSTT, under the guise of "trade and sector protection". Furthermore, any attempts at disrupting trade, or commencing investigations of the TSTT are also subject to targetting by the TSTT. This is why we were ordered to destroy the USS Zulu and capture her Captain, as there is fear that she knows too much, though this is under the guise of the USS Zulu disrupting legal operations of the company.


RECOMMENDATION: The Captain is a valuable asset to information about the TSTT, and to release him would be a grave mistake. His case must be presented before a court, with his cooperation taken into account, and the justice system should decide what his future his. As for the investigation into the TSTT, we will continue to further gather as much evidence and intel as possible.​

OOC: Sorry, this is a really late report from the TSTT interrogations and so I have backdated it to January!