AAR: U.S.S. Mariner | Invasive Maneuvers

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LT Zital, Serris

After Action Report

LOCATION Aldebaran Sector
MISSION December 19th | Invasive Maneuvers

OUTCOME Successful rescue of Outpost J-61.


NARRATIVE A sector-wide Yellow Alert was called after contact was lost with Klingon Neutral Zone Outpost J-61 following reports of an unusual bio-electric energy field. Fearing potential Undine involvement, 38th Command dispatched Sagittarius Squadron to investigate. Sagittarius Squadron made contact with a large cosmozoan organism resembling a highly complex bacterium, which had consumed the outpost for sustenance. Close-range study of the creature indicated that its natural electrical field had energy dampening effects on Federation technology, and that it was naturally drawn to sources of electromagnetic energy. Xenobiologists aboard the U.S.S. Dallas concluded that these creatures make their home near stars to fuel themselves.

Outpost J-61 attempted to free itself by ejecting and detonating its antimatter storage pods, contaminating the creature with theta radiation. The crew aboard the U.S.S. Mariner was able to devise a means of forcing the organism to regurgitate the outpost by utilizing a multispatial probe to imprint an “unpalatable” electromagnetic energy signature. Unfortunately, this compounded existing injury to the creature and resulted in its death.

The crew of Outpost J-61 has been temporarily re-located to Deep Space K-7 until its energy systems have been repaired and recharged to adequately sustain life support.

RECOMMENDATION Continue refining implementation of anti-collision arresting fields and implement manual anti-collision restraints to all essential stations. Scan for matching bio-electric signatures and dispatch runabouts to herd the creatures away from civilized space.

RECOGNITION Ensign Adeilade Murphy’s idea to force the creature to regurgitate the outpost ultimately resulted in the safe rescue of all 18 personnel aboard the station. Chief Keilin Ibrait’s expertise in small craft and probes proved invaluable to the success of the mission. With short notice prior to the beginning of the mission, Lieutenant Serris Zital devised an unconventional way to modify the fire suppression systems into arresting fields that eventually prevented injury when the U.S.S. Mariner was physically struck by the cosmozoan organism.

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