AAR: U.S.S. Mariner | Spaghettification

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LTJG Zital, Serris

After Action Report

LOCATION System XT-AE12, Boreth Sector
MISSION March 28th | Spaghettification

OUTCOME Successful retrieval of U.S.S. Dauntless (NCC-75711) and U.S.S. Courage (NCC-74338), loss of U.S.S. Kyoto (NCC-69224) with all hands, loss of U.S.S. Solstice (NCC-73277) with crew recovered. Captain James Pryce and Lieutenant J.G. Serris Zital temporarily relieved due to severe injuries sustained.


NARRATIVE Mariner was deployed to system XT-AE12 to rendezvous with an Alliance convoy carrying a sample of Prototaxites stellaviatori to Starbase 152 for a joint defense research initiative. The convoy had been attacked by House Mo’Kai raiders, left heavily damaged, and drifted dangerously close to the ergosphere of the type 4 black hole at the center of the system. Mariner was heavily damaged by the thermal and electromagnetic forces at work in the accretion disk on approach and suffered partial structural collapse of the main bridge, severely injuring Captain Pryce and Lieutenant Zital.

Commander Tolar took command of the bridge and managed to stabilize the situation before House Mo’Kai’s raiding party made a return. The Courage and the Dauntless managed to damage a Bird of Prey, but its wing severed the starboard nacelle of the Solstice and sent it on an inescapable descent into the ergosphere. Mariner was able to rescue the spores and crew from the Solstice while the Kyoto was taken out by a suicide strike from another Bird of Prey.

Mariner, Courage, and Dauntless were able to break free of the gravity well and returned to Deep Space 13.

RECOMMENDATION Analyze Mariner’s intra-ship structural integrity for similar weaknesses and repair and reinforce accordingly.

RECOGNITION Commander Tolar took charge of the situation very handily in Captain Pryce’s absence and managed to complete the mission with a cool head, by all accounts.

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