AAR: U.S.S. Mariner | Speed

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After Action Report

LOCATION Aldebaran Sector
MISSION May 8th | Speed

OUTCOME Successful retrieval of S.S. Homeward Bound.


NARRATIVE While on its way to deliver cargo to Deep Space 13, the freighter S.S. Homeward Bound was intercepted by rogue Nausicaan pirates and infected with malware that disabled their navigation and communication systems. The ensuing firefight damaged the freighter’s plasma flow regulators, but the pirates were unable to stop the ship, and it continued on its course to Deep Space 13. The cumulative effect of the damage and software infection left the Homeward Bound with no ability to slow down or alter its heading. The crew drew attention by flying past two intended checkpoints on its flight plan and using its deflector array to emit a distress signal in morse code.

Mariner was deployed to intercept the freighter and bring it out of warp. It was determined that the ship couldn’t reasonably attempt a remote interface and override the emergency warp core shutdown without risking malware infection. The decision was made to use Mariner’s warp core as an energy shunt to bleed power from the Homeward Bound’s reactor and force it out of warp. The first attempt was thwarted by unstable energy spikes from the freighter’s damaged plasma regulators causing the warp fields to desynchronize, but Ensign Finney was able to prevent Mariner from going too far off heading. The second attempt was successful, at the cost of overloading Mariner’s power systems and leaving the ship dead in the water before rescue tugs from Deep Space 13 were able to safely retrieve both vessels.

RECOMMENDATION Reinforce power transfer conduits on the warp core.

RECOGNITION Ensign Finney should be commended for maintaining control over the ship during erratic warp field contact.

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