AAR: U.S.S. Mariner | Submariner

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LTJG Zital, Serris

After Action Report

LOCATION Azha System, Aldebaran Sector
MISSION April 11th | Submariner

OUTCOME Successful retrieval of all personnel from Outpost 89-Lambda.


NARRATIVE Outpost 89-Lambda, an underwater facility on Azha VIII used for metallurgical research and deep sea pressure testing of new alloys, reported power fluctuations prior to a communications blackout. Mariner was deployed to investigate, as strong seasonal undersea currents and tropical storm conditions made using a shuttlecraft too dangerous. Upon arriving at the ocean floor, we found that an invasive species of large, electrically conductive lamprey had migrated to the area and damaged the Outpost’s power systems. Due to structural failures and collateral damage from Mariner’s attempt to fight off the creature with low-yield torpedoes, the decision was made to evacuate the outpost. All personnel were successfully retrieved and the lamprey was warded off.

RECOMMENDATION Perform a full systems diagnostic of the targeting scanners. Send a specialized team to secure and repair the outpost.

RECOGNITION No injuries reported, a first for Mariner.

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