AAR: U.S.S. Mariner | Under Cover of Night

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LTJG Zital, Serris

After Action Report

LOCATION KS-T D3-31, Doza Sector

MISSION February 28th | Under Cover of Night

OUTCOME Successful retrieval of fugitive Malcolm McDonough.


NARRATIVE Mariner was deployed to retrieve Malcolm McDonough, an arms trafficker wanted for violating Federation General Order 1 by supplying pre-warp civilizations near the Klingon-Federation border with advanced weaponry for profit. McDonough’s last known heading placed him heading into Azedi space, presumably to acquire more advanced weapons technology.

The Attar and the DunVegan were deployed to patrol the Federation side of the Azedi-Federation border while Mariner proceeded into Azedi space under low power, utilizing a new sensor refractive monotanium-based composite alloy deployed by the vessel’s new ablative generators. Shortly after, Mariner ran aground on a gravimetric mine field that nearly disabled the armor systems, the resulting strain on the inertial dampeners leaving Chief Engineer Zital incapacitated with a concussion. McDonough’s ship was discovered within the minefield, adrift and disabled.

Gravimetric shear from the mines and heavy damage to the ablative armor prevented the safe navigation of Mariner through the minefield, necessitating the deployment of Delta One and Delta Two, piloted by Commander Mei Leideex and Chief Keilin Ibrait, respectively. Delta Two lost control due to shearing force and impacted a mine, requiring it to return to Mariner, while Delta One successfully retrieved the fugitive before a mine on board McDonough’s ship exploded. Once Delta One was aboard, Mariner was able to retreat from Azedi space without being discovered or intercepted by Azedi vessels.

RECOMMENDATION Add safety restraints to extraneous U.S.S. Mariner bridge seating and institute new protocol mandating that backup IDF generators be brought online in combat situations to minimize injury risk.
RECOGNITION Commander Mei Leideex demonstrated exceptional piloting skill by evading significant damage in the mine field, and Chief Kellin Ibrait proved to be very capable when keeping Delta Two from blowing apart. Both officers should be recognized for their talent.

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