AAR: USS Cassini | USS Moriarty Distress Call

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CAPT Zarath, Tellara

After Action Report

LOCATION Boreth Sector, Beta Quadrant

MISSION Responding to Federation Distress Signal from U.S.S. Moriarty

OUTCOME Vessel compromised by Mo’Kai virus. Systems were purged and vessel restored to operation.


  • CAPT Zarath, Tellara (U.S.S. Cassini)

  • MAJ Miral, Lena (U.S.S. Moriarty)

NARRATIVE USS Cassini arrived to the site of USS Moriarty distress call. Initially the reports were that the Moriarty had suffered a main power failure, with only life support and communications on emergency power.

The Moriarty, a MACO transport vessel reported that the majority of senior crew had been on a planet side expedition within the Nukara system, when systems began to fail. At some point, these failures triggered a warp drive ignition, resulting in the vessel being stranded in interstellar space with main power offline.

As the remaining systems failed, the decision was made to board the vessel to attempt to restore the Moriarty’s power systems. The landing party was greeted immediately by Major Miral who was in de facto command of the Moriarty at this time. I spoke with the Major about the circumstances leading to the situation, where she mentioned that a Klingon vessel had been spotted on long range sensors prior to the initial system failures.

Considering the known quantities, we suspected that the vessel had been compromised by a Mo’Kai virus. We made our way to main engineering and disconnected primary systems from the main computer to ensure the safety of both the Moriarty and Cassini. As we were unable to disconnect life support systems due to safety protocols, and no officers aboard having appropriate authorisation, in order to protect the remaining crew we devised a method whereby a complex holodeck simulation would act as a “Computer Maze” to protect the life support systems.

The Engineering team manually reprimed the warp core before we began a physical purge of affected isolinear chips, each one exhibiting the same “burn-in” damage as seen on the Cassini’s chips last week. Once affected chips were replaced with good substitutes, core control was returned to the computer and power distribution brought the remaining systems back online.

Cassini provided support in the area until the vessel was returned to Nukara to reacquire the remaining crew.

RECOMMENDATION Continue to develop ongoing mitigations to Mo’Kai virus code. In the short term, investigate computer coding to limit physical damage caused by this code.

OOCThis was a public event from the STOIC in-game channel.