AAR: USS Sun-Tzu Search and Rescue - Initial

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CAPT Tungsten, D.

LOCATION Doza Sector, Deep Space, 5ly from Isep Xedi System.

MISSION Initial Search and Rescue operation, upon receipt of distress signal.

OUTCOME Successful Retrieval of some of the USS Sun-Tzu’s crew. Others remain awaiting rescue.


  • CAPT Tungsten, D.
  • CMDR LaSalle, E.
  • LCDR Brannigan, Z.
  • LCDR Southerland, K.

NARRATIVE Upon receipt and relay of a distress signal, U.S.S. Dragon diverted to a location near Isep Xedi, for rescue operations. Two of the Sun-Tzu’s crew, Lieutenant Commanders Brannigan and Southerland were already aboard the Dragon, having been rescued via slight detour en-route to Talos Junction, days prior. U.S.S. Endeavour graciously deferred this operation, as these crewmembers’ knowledge might prove valuable in getting the crew in distress to approach us, and indeed did; we were initially mistaken for a Terran ship through the interference of the micro nebula they were hiding in.

Due to the lack of significant sensor contact in the Denovora system, U.S.S. Dragon made its way from there, leaving the rest of the defending ships with the situation well in-hand. Upon arriving, LCDR Brannigan was able to visually confirm the micro nebula, not significant enough to appear on previous charts, where some of their fighters had towed escape pods to in order to hide from Terran patrols.

Once we arrived, the Dragon was fired upon from inside the nebula, but the shields took hardly any damage from the phaser and torpedo fire. At this point, this officer suspected these were the fighters we were looking for, and hailing frequencies were opened, to identify ourselves.

Apparently, the interference was too great, as we received no reply. Another volley of weak phaser and torpedo fire hit us, again doing negligible damage to shields, and a comm buoy was launched into the nebula in hopes of boosting the signal. LCDRs Brannigan and Southerland had earlier lamented not setting a signal to identify as friends, but noticed that the pattern was the same in the phaser and torpedoes again.

We quickly surmised that it was almost like old morse code, working it out to be “MARK 0”.

"At this point, LCDR Brannigan requested permission to take the tactical station, and permission was granted on the basis of this being a return signal. Phasers and torpedoes were fired at lowest-yield to spell “POLO”.

This is when one of the fighters tentatively emerged from the nebula, and answered our hails, clearly relieved that we were a friendly ship. They returned to the nebula, and brought out the other 5 Peregrine fighters from Sun-Tzu, towing multiple escape pods. Rescued crew totaled 88, no significant injuries reported, and U.S.S. Dragon set course for Talos Junction to re-unite them with some of the other survivors present there, and offload all the auxiliary craft. Updates were sent ahead to Talos Junction via secured subspace channel, as well as to DS13, to inform the other survivors as well as Command, and U.S.S. Endeavour for their continuing SAR efforts.

RECOMMENDATION Recommend U.S.S. Endeavour continue SAR operations at its earliest convenience.

RECOGNITION LCDRs Brannigan and Southerland put the knowledge of their fellow crew to good use in quickly devising a way to contact them without being perceived as a mortal threat through the nebula’s interference, ensuring the success of this mission.

OOC Thank you to Maikull for putting together this quick event last night! The screenshots we took to put in the event didn’t pull over, as apparently they are dead links now, after closing the channel from being pasted in. I have added those into the AAR here in an edit, after getting them from Maikull again! Event Log for Sun-Tzu Search and Rescue.

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