AAR - Vanguard Intervention between Tal'Aura and Free Terix

TO 38th Command
CC Starfleet Intelligence
SUBJ Intervention between Tal'Aura and Free Terix
Stardate 92327.57

While en route to survey a planet in the Xarantine sector the U.S.S. Vanguard received a distress signal from the Free Terix ship 'Mularr' reporting that they were taking fire. The U.S.S. Vanguard immediately prepared to intercept the 'Mularr' raising shields and going to yellow alert. DS13 was alerted to the diversion and I requested for another ship to assist.

Sensors reported a Dhael class warbird being fired upon by two D'Dreidex class warbirds. As we approached the conflict we were hailed by one of the D'deridex vessels. I learned later that this was the Enriov Tal'Aura firing on what she called terrorists. They seemed to put up no fight in during the conflict.

I attempted to negotiate with and talk the D'deridex vessels down, which you can find below. I presented the ships with an ultimatum, cease fire or be fired upon. Below you may find a transcript of the initial contact we had with them.
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Vanguard: This is Captain Dmitri Konieczko, of the U.S.S. Vanguard responding to a distress call. Under what grounds are you firing upon this ship?

Enriov Tal'Aura: We are firing upon this ship because they are terrorists Captain. I would assume you would understand that terrorism is not something to let people carry on with, but then again Starfleet those have a history of favoring them.

Enriov Tal'Aura: I do not recognize your face, though I see several familiar people. You must be from Argo.

Vanguard: We'll have to request that you cease your fire and allow us to meet in a diplomatic setting to resolve this issue, failure to do so will be ...handled.

Enriov Tal'Aura: Oh Argo, how I adore your bipolarism. Sometimes you want to give aid, sometimes you want to tresspass, sometimes you want to set up a blockade, and sometimes you even have the nerve to fire upon our ships.

Vanguard: This is your final chance to cease your fire and be diplomatic about this. I can get in touch with chief officers of Argo and relay their concerns with you. However if you believe we'll allow you to destroy this ship you are sorely mistaken. Bring us to yellow alert.

Enriov Tal'Aura: I'm tired of you always meddling with our affairs. I suggest you turn around so we can process these terrorists appropriately.

Vanguard: This is your choice. Close comms.

Following this initial contact we arrived at the fighting, the status of the Mularr was grim and the D'deridex vessels had barely a scratch. It was at this point we once again were hailed by the D'deridex vessel. We patched in DS13 and the Enriov brokered a deal, these lives in exchange for that of several MACO members. You'll find the transcript of that conversation as well as that video below.
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Enriov Tal'Aura: <c> Turn around Argo. This is not your war. These people are murders and must be returned to Terix to be put on trial for their crimes.

Vanguard: <C> "I told you if you did not cease fire there would be action taken against your vessel. I intend to stick by those words."

Enriov Tal'Aura: <c> What give you the right to do so? To defend murders?

Vanguard: <C> The way I'm looking at it at this moment you are attempting the murder of everyone aboard that ship, you are no better than them. If you claim they are murderers then they should stand a trial, not be wiped from existence.

Enriov Tal'Aura: <c> Did you not here my words, or were you too absorbed in trying to maintain that air of superiority Starfleet attempts to maintain? I said they will be put on trial.

Vanguard: <C> Let them stand trial at a neutral location where there will be no bias, and no risk of life. We will take them aboard and transport them to a neutral location.

Enriov Tal'Aura: <c> Do you like making deals Captain?"

Vanguard: <C> If the deal is right.

Enriov Tal'Aura: <c> How about this. We let you help conduct the trial, and you hand over the spies that infiltrated one of our shipyard's berths, stole information from it, and detonated explosives in it. Don't worry, we have video footage so you can try to identify them better. We understand that they're Republic, but as they are from Argo, I'm sure it would be within your superior's juristicion to hand them over.

Vanguard: <C> I have no knowledge of these spies. But should they exist what's stopping you from simply killing them as soon as they're handed over?

Enriov Tal'Aura: <c> The same thing that's stopping you from killing us. We are not savage killers Captain, despite what Starfleet might be telling you.

Vanguard: <C> Noted, I'll need some time to talk to command. I'll need you to remain civil during this time. We will hail you once we know more.

Enriov Tal'Aura: <c> Of course. Tal'Aura out.

Vanguard: Cut the channel.

At this point I verified that DS13 copied the information and was instructed that further action was my choice. We received the video file at that point and quickly reviewed it. I had the crew forward the video to DS13 as well as Starfleet Intelligence to check the validity of the footage and if any such operation took place. DS13 was unaware of any spies and alerted we should contact a flag officer or Starfleet Intelligence.
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FX: The video shows some MACOs in a cargo room setting up explosives. Another clip then shows them killing two uhlans. A third one shows a helmeted figure taking a console out of a desk. It's noted that one of the people are tellarite-height

I made the call that the first priority was to separate the three ships from each other and hailed the Enriov again. I was able to gather some trust with the Enriov and believe we may be able to mediate some sort of end to this conflict.
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Enriov Tal'Aura: <c> So, I assume you've seen the video proof?

Vanguard: <C> We'll need time to verify it. Argo has no knowledge of any sort of Espionage Operations taking sort. We'll need time to get information from Starfleet Intelligence. In the mean time allow us to take aboard the crew of the disabled vessel, a sign of good faith, if you will. We're attempting to work with you but we'll need you to work with us."

Enriov Tal'Aura: <c> We have time to wait for Starfleet Intellegence to analyze the footage.

Vanguard: <C> We don't know how long that will be, I'm trying to build a relationship of trust here. You have to trust me on this matter.

Enriov Tal'Aura: <c> If you wanted me to trust you, you shouldn't have attempted to beam down to our planet without permission then set up a blockade.

Vanguard: <C> That was previous captains in a previous time. If we had hostile intent we would not be holding these conversations. I took no participation in the blockade, or these espionage operations. This is Captain to Captain, trying to avoid any conflict that may put our crew's lives at risk.

Enriov Tal'Aura: <c> Captain to Admiral, but no matter. I will trust you. But if you don't hand over those responsible for the espionage in 48 hours, there will be consqequences."

Vanguard: <C> My apologies and I thank you for this trust Admiral. I hope that our two factions can our difference behind us.

Enriov Tal'Aura: *her voice is genuine* As do I Captain.

Vanguard: "Close the channel."

We then proceeded to beam aboard the crew members of the Mularr for medical attention and temporary asylum to a later date at which they can be tried. The crew was transported back to DS13 where they were treated more thoroughly and and the captain of the ship was questioned. He was hesitant at first but was more open once I told him I was here to help. He confessed to hijacking the Mularr with the intent to perform a bombing run on the capital, as well as previously "bombing locations and getting into firefights" I let him know that we would do what we could, but with those potential charges the verdict is likely to be guilty. I had a security crew escort the captain to the brig until a later date.

As it stands we have members of Free Terix in custody, pending trial in a neutral location and 48 hours to hand over the MACO team responsible for the espionage operation. Do I personally believe we should hand over our men? Absolutely not. But we have two days to figure something out.

Dmitri R. Konieczko
Captain, CO
U.S.S. Vanguard

((Good job to Anne, Coby, Esahr, Vangilder, Brecken and Perim as DS13. If I had known you guys IC I would have given you shoutouts in the report.))