AAR: Vested Interest

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LT Aev

LOCATION Federation / Klingon Border, Archanis Sector

MISSION Respond to distress call from SS Palukoo

OUTCOME Defended Palukoo and House Sorzal vessels from House Yatong aggressors without major compromise.


  • CDR Davin (D’Ishae)
  • CDR Taela t’Parnus (Vauthil)
  • CDR Rai (Vaurek)
  • CMDR Tala Akaela (Vaurek)
  • LT Aev (D’Ishae)

  • Seres Avlin (Palukoo)

NARRATIVE During a routine patrol D’Ishae received a general distress call on a Republic emergency channel. This distress call was determined to be from the SS Palukoo, a vessel known to be acting in a third party role for Romulan interests in the region. In light of this, D’Ishae moved to offer immediate support. We were joined by fellow warbirds Vauthil and Vaurek.

We encountered a Klingon border patrol before crossing over into the Empire’s territory. D’Ishae, believing this patrol vessel would respond if serious intervention of behalf of the Palukoo was necessary, remained behind to distract the vessel while the other two warbirds proceeded to assist Palukoo.

Our distraction, while brief, ensured the Klingon patrol vessel would be distracted from anything occurring further in their space. Once this task was completed we rejoined the other ships. When we arrived in system, we observed the Palukoo and elements from House Sorzal defending against aggressors from House Yatong. Both Vauthil and Vaurek had been busy targeting the Klingon ships.

Seres Avlin, the Captain of the Palukoo, refused to leave her ship and thus an alternative strategy had to be developed. I was able to gain access to one of the Yatong ship’s computers and transmit a virus to the entire Yatong task force, blinding their targeting sensors and greatly degrading their accuracy. I was also able to purge their sensor data. This led to a general Yatong withdrawal. Once those ships left the best course of action was determined. It included leaving Seres Avlin with the Palukoo and House Sorzal ships. Thus, her operation could continue. All three ships withdrew successfully.

RECOMMENDATION Seed reports of Imperial activity in the Archanis sector to cover the presence of Romulan weapon signatures and the brief sighting of a Mogai class warbird.

OOC A little bit of clandestine Romulan chaos. Thanks for running this, Kermit!