AAR: When Language Fails (MU)

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LCDR Izly, Jodi

LOCATION D-2483 System

MISSION Attempt to claim the D-2483 System for the Terran Empire after the loss of the ISS Betazed

OUTCOME Utterly Decisive Failure.

ISS Guy Fieri [DESTROYED], Inquisitor Callahan
ISS Birk, LCDR Izly, J
ISS Saratoga [DESTROYED], CAPT Varley, L.
ISS Scharnhorst [DISABLED], CAPT Drowvani, T.

USS Morgenstern, Unknown Captain
USS Endeavor [DISABLED], CAPT Ayesha(?)
USS Dallas, CAPT Holmes(?)
IKS Daramar, Unknown Captain

NARRATIVE The attempt to claim the D-2483 System once again after the sullen defeat prior began on a strong note; rather well-placed attacks made upon the Federation forces to ensure they’d fall swiftly or at the very least retreat to the safety of their superiors.

Around the halfway point however, it became abundantly clear that some captains were less acquainted with their vessels than others; and with that the loss of the Guy Fieri occurred within minutes of our beginning- the above statement not aimed at the Inquisitor however- as they are not a Captain of course. From there, continued strikes were traded between the parties- and eventually the Scharnhorst was rendered inoperable by all accounts, leaving the battlefield to myself and the Duchess Varley.

After this display, the Saratoga was then used as a battering ram towards the Endeavor- resulting in the Terran vessel being destroyed and the Endeavor somehow only inoperable. From there the Birk was left to do some level of Officer Collection while evading heavy fire on all sides before eventually withdrawing from the battlefield after all mainstay individuals had been accounted for.

RECOMMENDATION I would recommend all ship captains take time to familiarize themselves with their vessels, crews, leadership ability, and impulse control when in combat- to ensure that in the future, this does not occur again.

Any digging into the file itself would find that the above recommendation had quite a few edits to it- suggesting there was more to be said, perhaps a specific person at fault?

OOC Looks like the Terrans are finally getting a bit more of a kick in the teeth, only two more weeks to go now. A thanks to @kermit for running another entertaining SHIP Captain session for us!