AAR: When Will It Be Day

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LCDR Valore

After Action Report

LOCATION Deep Space, Neutral Romulan Space.

MISSION Acquire information and extract hostile principal.

OUTCOME Principal acquired, station is in Republic control.


  • CDR Nathes
  • SCDR Taela
  • LCDR Valore
  • ENS V. Sovum

NARRATIVE The original mission was to do the aforementioned objectives above and then depart so that Republic forces could seize the station. This is a Republic mission with a small Starfleet presence to assist.

We arrived on a station that had previously been utilized as a refugee site for Romulans. However, over the years, more species had flocked to the station as well. This officer recalls a number of Orions being present in the crowd. It certainly seemed more cosmopolitan than only Romulan.

This officer deviated from the others after discussing a course of action to gather intelligence. This officer was able to obtain information from a local of sufficient trustworthiness the following information: The refugees here were being packaged as slaves for trafficking markets, and this officer was also given the location of a maintenance shaft that led to the principal we wished to acquire. The principal was a subcommander wanted by the Republic for questioning.

Rejoining the party and deliberating, this officer sought to take charge of the scene. Upon being given information that many of the refugees were arming and had already planned a full-fledged revolt by the time we had arrived, this officer proposed a change to the plans to which the others agreed. This officer and CDR Nathes would proceed to the maintenance tunnel and acquire the sought-after principal, and SCDR Taela and ENS Sovum would seek to detach an imperial warbird from the station’s docking clamps. By doing the latter, this officer envisioned that the incoming Romulan squadron would be able to neutralize imperial forces much more easily without damaging the station whilst also reducing the ability of imperial forces to engage in riot suppression.

As the populace’s fervor was whipped into action, this officer and the CDR departed for the maintenance tunnel. We re-emerged in an upstairs lavatory, running into the principal. The latter was clearly surprised by our sudden emergence, not having expected it. Taking the opportunity to neutralize him and prepare for exfiltration, this officer applied a nerve-pinch to the principal. CDR Nathes and I then carried him to a transporter pad, using the chaos on the station to divert attention from us. We beamed away and completed the mission.

Due to the subject-matter difference, this officer wishes to tell the following outside of the previous linear chronology. After the party reformed following our initial intelligence gathering, this officer was able to tell that Ensign Sovum was clearly distraught, despite differences in Vulcan and Romulan mannerisms. Though this officer has no direct empirical evidence to support this one’s presumptions, this officer was of the opinion that Ensign Sovum’s duty and dedication to Starfleet’s directives had been materially eclipsed either partially or fully by a desire to inflict retaliation upon those who controlled the station. If nothing else, it was apparent that ENS Sovum took the matter extremely personally. Voicing initial concern, this officer became subdued when being informed that the docking clamps would be a hard target.

This officer opted to retain the status quo and departed with CDR Nathes to extract the principal, believing that a living SCDR is more useful to the acquisition of information than a dead one.

Also in accordance with the evaluation of the clamps being a hard target, this officer provided their phaser to ENS Sovum with the express order that the settings involving disintegration are not to be used. Knowing that the opposition consisted of trained Imperial soldiers, this officer had opted to render flexible orders in case the need arises. However, this officer also confided in CDR Nathes immediately after splitting up about regrets in doing so. This officer is still rendered unable in untangling whether these are standard second-guessing thoughts or regrets associated with commanding, or legitimate concerns that were marginalized due to the pressing operational matters.

RECOMMENDATION Recommend aid be diverted to the station in question and refugee/asylum status be conferred upon its denizens. Aid should also consist of foodstuffs, as this officer had discovered malnutrition aboard. Recommend that information be acquired from the SCDR that was taken from the station. Recommend complementary AAR be filed.
RECOGNITION All performed as expected.

OOC The finer details like the exact location and name of the station, I’ll add once I msg the GM in the morning. Other than that, thank you Nathes for hosting. It was fun and it was good character interaction and development. Please let me know if I missed or misrepresented anything! Original mission brief: When Will It Be Day?