AAR: Who Likes Explosions? (MU)

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CAPT Varley, L.

LOCATION Citali System, Alpha-Z190 Sector.

MISSION Destroy hidden Confederacy laboratory.

OUTCOME Laboratory destroyed, all traces of wormhole technology eliminated.


  • CAPT Varley, L.
  • CAPT Drowvani, T.
  • LT Izly, J.

NARRATIVE Prior interrogation efforts lead by Lieutenant Izly revealed the locations of a number of asteroid-based facilities left over from the destruction of the Confederacy, some suspected to house surviving members of their engineering and technological divisions. Some of these individuals are more compliant than others; Lieutenant Izly made contact with an defector that would help us in our objective.

Aboard the Birk, we traveled to the Citali system to identify one of these remnant facilities. The laboratory was constructed wholly inside a neutronium-based asteroid, dense enough to render conventional weapons ineffective. As there were no external egresses, presumably the Confederacy used their wormhole technology to produce a hollow centre of the asteroid. With a strike team we beamed aboard.

Either through passive countermeasures or the innate properties of the asteroid, most of the strike team did not survive the trip. Captain Drowvani, Lieutenant Izly and myself arrived separated from other friendly forces, and fought our way to the defector’s location through desperate but poorly equipped resistance. With the defector’s help we placed explosive charges on key locations around the laboratory, ensuring its total destruction. The defector was then executed.

RECOMMENDATION Probe prisoners and subjects alike for information about more likely candidates for remnant facilities. With enough pressure the promise of reward will eventually outweigh their loyalty to their people.

OOC Thanks to Izly for the fun!