AAR: Winds of Change

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CMDR Sedai, Katriel


MISSION Assist anonymously in disaster relief efforts on Aratos

OUTCOME Relief staging area successfully established and organized


  • CAPT F’rbio
  • CAPT Meadows
  • CMDR Sedai
  • LT Reyes
  • LTJG Sovum
  • T’Vel

NARRATIVE The fairly well-established agricultural colony on Aratos V has been recently besieged by a cataclysmic monsoon season, which has done significant damage to both infrastructure and farmland. Due to volatile political relations, the neutral colony is unable to accept public assistance from Starfleet, thus a number of us volunteered our efforts independently and arrived via shuttle to contribute our energy.

A disaster response coordinator assigned us a location where supplies had been previously deposited and upon our arrival, we gravitated towards a division of labor to establish a working staging area.

  • Lieutenant Reyes labored to clear out storm debris, making the staging area significantly safer and easier to traverse.
  • Captains Meadows and F’rbio utilized prefab and provided engineering supplies to construct a microfusion generator to provide power.
  • Lieutenant Sovum readied the primary medical tent for storing ready medical inventory and administering to patients.
  • T’Vel and I catalogued the available medical supplies and sorted them into appropriate stations within the medical tent. We also prepared a PADD program that can provide any working crew with an overview of the tent’s stations, inventory, and safety guidelines via an intuitive augmented reality interface.

As an aside, six crates of medical supplies had been erroneously placed with the engineering supplies originally. While we were able to rectify this problem, we were unable to locate the dermaline gel containers, as the still sealed box that should have contained them was empty.

RECOMMENDATION Follow up on missing dermaline supplies. May just be a shipping/packing mistake, rather than foul play.

RECOGNITION All involved personnel performed satisfactorily.

OOC Written in response to this event: 11th Feb | Winds of Change. Thanks to Sam for the RP prompt. Everyone did a pretty great job playing off each other!