AAR: X/2419 P7 Discovery

Stardate 96617.8
LCDR T. Fozka
Level 1 - Open

LOCATION: Science Department, Deep Space 13.

MISSION: Find an undiscovered comet.

OUTCOME: Comet successfully discovered.

LCDR T. Fozka
ENS F. Haillie ((NPC))

CIV J. T'Pel ((NPC))
CIV M.Vorbo ((NPC))
CIV S. McDonald ((NPC))

NARRATIVE: A series of strange astrometric phenomenons in the Kelterre Sector over the past six months were picked up by long-range probes. Whilst originally marked down as stellar movements, a correlation was soon found between these seemingly unrelated phenomena. Hypothesising the presence of an unknown comet, a route was extrapolated. We increased probe sensor resolution along the path and earlier today, it was confirmed that an uncharted comet had been detected. It has been designated X/2419 P7.

RECOMMENDATION: A ship should be sent to analyse this newly discovered comet.​

OOC: A flavour AAR about things in the science department. Anyone can pick this up; science ship captains are welcome to go and have a look at a rock in space. Let me know if you want to take over this.