AAR Yuhop Express:Grab-N-Go (USS Atlantis)

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LT Ansha Bast Wind-People

LOCATION USS Atlantis NCC-2020 in support of Convoy 336-009 ((Yuhop Express: Grab-N-Go))

MISSION Escort USS Valkyrie and mobile drydock components along with the USS Dallas to the new station at Yuhop.

OUTCOME Delivered new mobile drydock for station at Yuhop.


  • SCDR S’anra T’Valerius, Mission Commmander
  • CMDR James Kermit, CO, USS Valkyrie
  • CAPT Alexandria Holmes, CO, USS Dallas
  • LCDR Jackson F Wong, CO (TAD), USS Atlantis (NPC)
  • LCDR Archall White, XO (TAD), USS Atlantis (NPC)
  • LT Ansha Bast Wind-People, DS 13 Security and EVA Specialist
  • ENS Sabrok, Science, USS Atlantis (NPC)
  • ENS Francis Kowalski, Tactical, USS Atlantis (NPC)
  • LT Insha zh’Shale, Helm, USS Atlantis (NPC)

On 98880.5, Zeta + 2, Left DS 13 on time with USS Dallas as escort and USS Valkyrie as tow vessel of new mobile drydock on Convoy 336-009 en route to Yuhop station. Operation commander was SCDR S’anra T’Valerius. USS Atlantis Commanding Officer for the mission was LCDR Jackson F Wong with LCDR Archall White as Executive Officer. I, LT Ansha Bast Wind-People, was detached to the USS Atlantis as Operation Security Officer and as EVA Specialist if needed. We departed from V774 Tau at warp 7.5, at Zeta + 2.4. We were in strict radio silence

LCDR Wong allowed me to act as ship’s captain as I had been qualified for bridge watch on a previous command, since he and LCDR White felt the run would be peaceful for the most part. I was instructed to contact them immediately should I feel over my head.

For several hours the convey went as expected. At Alpha+1, we approached the Crossroads Nebula, a very active Ion Storm which renders shields in operative and sensors limited, I hail LCDR Wong, and LCDR White, who were stuck in a malfunctioning lift coming back from mess, and interference from the nebula rendered comms ineffective.

We slowed to ¾ impulse at 10 KM out but could still take the lead inorder to act as a dust break for the other ships, as per previously received doctrine. Slowed ½ impulse with shields down and drastically reduced sensor range to maintain contact with lead ship.

At Alpha +1.30, sensors (Ens Sabrok) reported possible contact with UNKV which was immediately lost before confirmation. Brought Atlantis to yellow alert, as this was an ideal ambush point. It was felt prudent to see if we were dealing with a possible bogie, as well as alerted the other ships without using comms, that we would take a suggested best-guess intercept course of 275.120 from Mr Sabrok.

At Alpha +1.35,We then made a second contact with UNKV, this time to our starboard. Lost same, but this was enough for me to call red alert.

At Alpha +1.36, the Atlantis received fire from UNKV, now visually confirmed to be Terren escort. Evasive action called and shots, which like ours would be manually targeted miss. Returned fire which was a miss. I believe either the Dallas or the Valkyrie was able to destroy or disable the one escort ship. The other quickly removed itself from danger. We held fire and rejoined formation.

At Alpha +1.42, dispatched shuttle as a courier to the USS Valkyrie with the following message:

Detected possible screening group.
moved from formation to investigate and verify. 
was hostile frigate/escorts, believe only 2 in number. 
Was fired upon, believe Dallas received same
We took evasive action and shots missed. Do not know status of Dallas. 
Believe one hostile was destroyed by Dallas or Valkyrie?
Moving back into formation, pending further orders. 

Atlantis COM out.

Reply was received at Alpha +2.5 as follows:

Valkyrie acknowledges. Adjusting course to avoid further Terran encounters. 
Priority is delivery of drydock to Talos Junction. Hold formation.

At Alpha +3, LCDR Wong and LCDR White were freed from the malfunctioning lift and made their way back to the bridge. They were pleased when they found no scratches. LCDR Wong, assumed command. Stayed on the bridge to discuss the sortee.

At Alpha +3.1 the Atlantis left the Crossroads Nebula and along with the rest of the convoy engaged to warp factor 8. Arrived at Yuhop at Beta.

Delivery and assembly completed as scheduled.

Departed station on Stardate 98884.3 at Gamma +1. Went long way to avoid nebula at warp factor 8. No further engagements.

Arrived at Deep Space 13 on Stardate 98885.2

Inspect and repair lifts on Atlantis.
Have radio silence communication protocols that allow for ship to ship communication. Perhaps lightwave based using morse code?


  • ENS Sabrok for exemplary knowledge of sensor systems, finding alternate sensor methods, and correlating that data in a timely fashion that led to his on the spot calculation of an intercept course.
  • ENS Francis Kowalski for knowing all the weapons and shielding systems and their limits. For manual shot that did not hit but still was closed enough to scare off the hostile vessel.
  • LT Insha zh’Shale for amazing blind piloting skills without very little sensor or visibility.

OOC Ansha is now wanting to go back and restrike as Tactical. She's been bit. The NPCs were made up to explain why Ansha, a mere LT and in Operations Branch was in command during the engagement. Basic premise, she had stood watches on her previous command, and in her normal curious question asking, was allowed to take command, while Wong and White went for chow. I covered their inability to return with the idea that the lift was stuck and so were they.