Absinthe's Log

Dear Dairy,

I found some new ingredients for Event Horizon. I don’t have to use the replicator, which is nice, so I brought in some special stuff. Yira said it was okay. I think I was supposed to check with her first, but I don’t remember. So I went to unpack, and people were there! I got to meet Nick Loxton and some other person, but they didn’t want alcohol. How boring! Then Shin showed up. He wanted herbal tea. I got the unnamed lady some ice cream - creamy purple with chunks of white chocolate. She and Shin are both MACOs. Trouble-shooters. She still didn’t tell me her name. That’s okay, because I know how she smells.

Then everyone left to go have tacos. Yes, I didn’t know what that was, but then I realized it was an exploration of new flavors, so I had to go! It was at some other part of the station. This place is so big, I don’t even know how I get to most places, but I found it. There were more people, and Etac was making all these tacos. He said they were from Mars. I need to go to Mars.

And Wow! He made me a very spicy taco. It was nice. He gave me milk to help with the heat, but the milk was boring. It needed flavors and colors and candy, but it was okay. I met a lot of new people, too. That is so much fun. Most of them seem to be from Starfleet. That is all still new to me, but I will learn. I met a Scientist and a Counselor, and I saw a Romulan, too! So many new people to learn.

It was very nice and fun and friendly. I hope to see these people again and have more flavors, like chocolate tacos!

Goodnight, Dairy