After Action Report - U.S.S. Evans

Officer ReportingStardateOfficer CommandingSuccess/FailureLocation
Captain John Carter89515.4Major Matt Svenson, MACOSuccessBlue Tooth Nebula

To: Outpost Argo Command

Sir's, in regards to the events surrounding the loss of the U.S.S. Evan's last night, I have prepared the following.

At approximately 21:00 hours, I was in the relaxed area on the Starbase with numerous other officer's, Including Captain Morton and Captain Ra'jiradh, when a broken and incomplete distress call was received. At the time, I was unsure as to the exact nature of the call, and so was not paying complete attention. However approximately 5 minutes later, an alert came over the intercom ordering all ship commander's to muster in Transporter Room B to receive a briefing from Major Matt Svenson, MACO regarding the distress call.

It was determined that the Borg had attacked the Evans and two teams would engage at two separate locations. One team would head to the Evans and begin rescue ops, hereby referred to as RT while the second group would lead to a separate location and run an interdiction mission, hereby referred to as IT, to prevent Borg reinforcements swamping the rescue team. At this time, Captain Ra'jiradh volunteered to lead the interdiction strike with Commander Quaen, Captain Atkinson and Captain Lyspha, while Major Svenson, myself, Captain Morton, Centurion Reva and Commander Kisek Leon would muster out to the Evans.

Upon arrival, we received a message from the IT that they had engaged the Borg. At this time, the William Decker's sensors picked up several Cube battlegroup's between us and the Evans. All the ships engaged, with the William Decker suffering a complete shield failure due to some form of pulse fired from one of the Cube's. At this time, Commander Kisek placed his ship, the R.R.W. Achiusk Kepesk, between the Cube and the William Decker in order to allow my engineering team's to get the shields back online, which they did in short order.

After clearing the area of Borg, I beamed aboard the Evans along with the CO's of the other ships, at the request of Major Svenson, who wanted to keep this as close to the chest as possible. After reaching the Engine Room, we came across officer's who had been partially assimilated. Major Svenson seemed to talk to one of them, while I secured the rest of the Engine Room. However after short time, the partially assimilated officer's became hostile, and Major Svenson ordered us to scuttle the ship. I would like to point out at this time, that at no point was an attempt made to rescue and liberate this officer's, or search the rest of the Evans. After arming the self-destruct, Major Svenson asked for a volunteer to accompany him. I volunteered, while Morton, Reva, and Leon mustered back to the exfil point. Major Svenson then activated a console, and transferred information to a PADD, before destroying the console and the both of us returned to the exfil point. As I stepped back onto the bridge of the William Decker, tactical informed me that several Borg groups were approaching. After clearing out warp out point, we all retreated to Outpost Argo, where we underwent a debriefing. After the DB, I approached Major Svenson to find out what was so important on that ship and that console. I was resoundly told that I 'do not need to know.' I would like to state at this time, I told Major Svenson to not call upon the William Decker again, as I did not trust him.

It is my every intent to go to MACO Sector Command and find out was so important that a Starfleet crew died to protect, and 5 ships were put at risk to secure it.

Captain John Carter
U.S.S. William Decker
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