After Action Review: Tachyon Field Interference

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CDR Nathes

LOCATION Deep Space Thirteen LOCAL

MISSION Investigation of phenomina affecting tachyon defensive grid of Deep Space Thirteen.

OUTCOME An unusual comet was affecting the tachyon grid. A joint effort of the USS Ajilon, USS Kemir’tra, and RRW Virin redirected the comet away from Deep Space Thirteen. With the comet away from Deep Space Thirteen local space, the tachyon grid is operating condition green.


  • CMDR Na’Toth Salene
  • CMDR Astana Hook
  • CDR Nathes

NARRATIVE Deep Space Thirteen operations relayed a missive to me. They requested for me to rendezvous when vessels USS Ajilon and USS Kemir’tra. Upon arriving, the lead ship-of-the-wing, USS Ajilon, established open holo-comm links.

Commanders Salene and Hook briefed me on the situation. An unknown phenomena was affecting the defensive tachyon grid of Deep Space Thirteen. Through careful position of vessels RRW Virin, USS Ajilon, and USS Kemir’tra; we triangulated the source of the phenomena: A comet with an unusual mineral emitting tachyon particles.

While the comet was not on a course which would have endangered the station; its close proximity and slow path would have hampered the tachyon grid for at least forty-eight hours. As such, we proposed a solution.

Vessels USS Ajilon and USS Kemir’tra provided a detailed sensor net depicting the comet’s path. Meanwhile, vessel RRW Virin utilized its singularity drive to emit a artificial gravity well. Success dependied on both maintenance of the gravity well and the sensor net to ensure the comet was redirected completely away from the station.

Combined allied efforts proved successful. The comet was redirected away from the facility.

RECOMMENDATION The unusual minerals of this comet are worthy of further study. I will forward the comets’ present coordinates to appropriate parties.