Akagi Investigation

Security Level 2 - Confidential

TO CAPT Nimitz
CC RDML Konieczko

SUBJ Akagi Investigation


The investigation into the loss of the Akagi has concluded. After reviewing all pertinent details you have been cleared of any wrongdoing. While the loss of a ship is never an easy event the fact the crew were able to successfully transfer makes this less difficult. Repairs to the ship are expected to take some time and will be conducted in the Sol System.

The current Captain of the U.S.S. Pegasus (NCC-93462) is being promoted to Rear Admiral, and you have been assigned to take over the ship. Attached are orders to that effect. The Pegasus is well staffed already. You may take senior officers if you wish, but all others will be rotated to positions on Deep Space 13. The Pegasus is due no later than Stardate 95163.4. When you have assumed command notify Rear Admiral Konieczko.

Vice Admiral Enzian Amiri
Commanding Officer, 38th Fleet

//ATTACHMENT// Transfer Orders - Nimitz, A