Alexis Treslet

Name: Alexis Treslet
Rank: Major
Age: 35
Species: Human, Male
Current Assignment: Fifth MACO-Company, 4th Platoon, CO
Assinged Troop transport: USS Mustang, NX-93484

- Father: James Treslet, Age: 67
- Mother: Kira Treslet, Age: 63

Alexis Treslet was born in 2379 on Earth. His father was one of the main engineers in Oakland Fleet Yards as well as Alexis's mother. After graduation Alexis decided to enroll the Starfleet Academy. However, he found himself as a security officer. Two years later Alexis was noticed by MACO Colonel Pleton on massive training,where he showed his best, so, he became a part of MACO.
After his training Alexis got specialization in close-quarter combats. In 2409 he and his squad tried to retake Vega colony several times, but all attempts failed. Anyway, Alexis got rank of First Lieutenant. During the Klingon War Alexis achieved rank of Major for his large amount of succesfull operations, such as freeing the hostages, retaking ships and starbases.
Currently, Alexis has an order to get U.S.S. Mustang NX-93484 as troop transport and join 5th MACO company under command of Colonel Aunrol Zala aboard DS13.