Analysis of the Captured Gorn Data Rods and PADDs

Stardate: ((2/23/2014))

Subject: Reports of the data within the recently found Data Modules.

Complete Amount of Item(s): 14 Data Rods, 7 PADDs with 5 reports each, and 1 Data Storage Card.

Report of the Data Rods: Most of the Data Rods were corrupted due to poor quality of the items and the storage body itself. 3 of the 14 were mere intelligence reports about they're own military structure. It seemed that many wanted to be the ones on top of this food chain of Gorn Rebels. Another few, 7 in count, were image logs of a Gorn, which might be the Rebel Leader of the ones in this canyon, four other Gorns, captains of ships near Nimbus III which have been identified, and a dark robbed man, seems to be Klingon by how the voice and posture stood. In each recording, the dark robbed man was explaining simple tasks of threating the nearby civilians to drive them off Nimbus III. Many other times the dark robbed man explained tactics and how to let the Gorn plan out their own ideas. The last 3 are a complete mystery. Not that the data on them made no coherence with anything, just how the information on the Rods got there. The 3 rods contained blueprints of storage devices and of KDF Starships, showing they're weak points and their asset regions. All though Data Rods download information directly, these were reprocessed and were downloaded remotely, which is almost impossible with these models.

Report of the PADDs: The PADDs mostly held personal logs of the Rebel Leader of the canyon on Nimbus III. That would be 7 PADDs, 35 reports on all of them, and only 27 of them were personal logs. The Gorn leader spoke about the dark robbed man and called him 'Advisor' time to time in the recordings. The other 8 reports were surveillance reports of the nearby area, the wildlife, Paradise City, and even the Orion Compounds. Nothing of major note on those reports due to the fact that the reports are nothing about the population, weaknesses, or strengths.

Report of the Data Card: The card is not of Gorn origin, that is for sure. We've run a composite test to locate where it is from. So far, the trace leads back to Qo'nos and the nearby systems. The data on it are complex equations about any theoretical technologies able to use the power of a Omega Particle. Most of the technology is defensive or standard purposes, cloaking devices, multiphasic shielding, advanced warp drives, even sub-space fold systems. Information origin has not been located as of yet.

Report about the Data Rod found on the Gorn Chief: This rod was the most peculiar. It held information about the rebels own command structure, enough evidence to bring the entire thing down if given to the right people. Most of it shows incriminating acts of many officers of the rebel group, while the rest was information explain the reason of the interest in the canyon. The canyon itself use to be a mine, extracting different resources from under the first few layers of solid rock. The plan was to amass a fleet to strike with, but the ore supply shortened due to the fact that the KDF has stepped up on patrols in their areas of operation. If more time is given, more information may come from this device.

This now completes the report.

Captain Tre'lana Corrano.