Another JOINT MACO Mission

Argo team,

I am developing another Foundry story that is a distress call response to a MACO support vessel being attached by Borg (the USS Evans, I just made that up). It has a space chase/fight map, then a ground (inside the disabled support vessel) map, then a final space battle, again. I expect the event would take less than an hour, then it could be followed with post-event RP (the real reason to do anything, right?)

I would like to run this with you guys and I was looking at the afternoon of July 6th. but, I am flexible for that whole 4-day weekend to do it anytime that suits you. Because it's foundry it has a max participation of 5. If you have significantly more interest than that, I can build a side-support foundry mission that ties in, thus increasing it to 10. I would be more than happy to make a second mission, but, I don't want to build that unless we have enough interest to justify it. Also, as some of you may know, there is a new MACO in the 26th. If he wants to participate (I haven't had the chance to talk to him yet) then it's possible two similar missions could be run as two separate groups with a 26th MACO in each one.

I like having a firm date for the event, but IC, I thought it could be a surprise to the characters. It could start with your starbase receiving the distress call ( I could send it on Sector Comms Net), your fleet sending out ships to respond and then linking up with my character's ship en-route (like at the foundry entrance gate, which I am open to putting where ever suits you best).

I figure the justification for your response is that the distress call is coming from a MACO ship within your fleets controlled space. I'm ok with a bit of IC "hey, why are you operating in our Fleet's space and not telling us?" friction during and in post RP. I can come up with a story-able reason for that maybe could be built off of, but I definitely wouldn't want that to be in any way dribbling over into OOC feelings. I mention that so its known up front in case that is something you want to pursue as part of the story. Your call if you want to or not. I'd be willing to discus this via /tell or enjin message, etc.

What do you guys think? Is this something you would be interested in partaking in? Is there a good "time" to do it on that weekend? I plan to start building the foundry missions this weekend, so I would like to have a solid decision and time in place by Sunday night? If we can swing that.

- Matt
I'm interested, either as MACO Henrickson or Captain Marcus. Just hit me up.
As it so happens, we have a weekly casual RP time slot for Saturday afternoons that coincides nicely with the time you're suggesting, I think... it's our Gamma shift at 4pm EST, so there are likely to be people around at that time. I'm sure we'd be happy to make this "the" event for that shift.

But yes, would be good if any interested Argo members would post/RSVP their interest here, since it's going to be Foundry-based.
Ba-bump. This should definitely happen!
Seems like a great idea. Consider me there -

Macho' MACO.
Just to ensure that it is understood.


that is all
Ok, I'll start working on this over the next few days and keep you all posted on how it goes.

That time works well for me. Thanks. Have fun at your joint event tonight. I know some of the 26th players are looking forward to it.
Woah, had a bit of a scare over the last few days as the Foundry Editor was perpetually crashing on me. Fortunately, I was able to edit today and I quickly finished the mission before it crashed again. And, I was able to publish. But, I have to say something.

Because I was rushing to beat the editor to its own demise, I didn't get a chance to pinpoint place a lot of the finer details. What that means is I'm expecting several clipping issues with items as well as possibly grammar errors in some of the texts. The mission SHOULD still function, but it may have a few minor eyesores here and there.

That being said, this is one of my better missions, I think. There are a lot of little Easter eggs hidden in the ground maps that can add to the plot, significantly. This is not just a run and gun mission. Anyway, I'm looking forward to Saturday. Just remember to be forgiving on clipping issues, please.

I demand Better Than Cryptic Quality for my missions because they screw anything up or typo anything like having a capital I after the R in RIsa.

((Srsly, dun fret. The core is more important than the details. I'm really lookin' forward to it~ ))
brb, rolling combat oriented character so that I can participate in this :roll:
Muire! Just use Muire! >_>

Or Evaric. That could be fun.
Hmmm Do I turn up as a MACO or my Captain? Decisions Decisions
I'm just joking, you brat.

I'll probably just beg one of you to share the mission and go do it OOCly, like I did with all the Waydi system stuff. :p
i'm up for this. Might be the last time I'll RP Skyleigh before Friday's event that I put up (Thank you Kat for putting it up on forum too :))
((Me again. Sky... love to have you along!

Ok, so the Foundry gods were a little kinder to me today. They only kicked me in the nuts like 3 times. Anyway, I have two missions now, a main one and a support one IF we get more than 5. And the support one can be multiplied as many times as we like, so if 15 show up or 20, etc. But, its not necessary so if we only get 5, no worries.

As I think through the mission a bit, I think a short IC meeting on your starbase before we head out would help mitigate confusion. I know it seems a little less likely that the OKOBOJI would be close enough to stop by before we all answer a distress call, but I think it will flow smoother if we do. Especially if there are two groups.

So, the way I see it playing out now *cue Shaun of the Dead planning theme*

1 - Sector Comms net Distress call goes out
2 - Svenson stops by the base, give a quick "we gotta save 'em" brief
3 - Two groups (or just 1 if 5 or less) head to K-7
4 - Groups go to their missions
5 - Fight, kill, find things, wonder about 42, kill more things, finish both missions
6 - Fly from K-7 back to Argo Starbase
7 - IC debrief from Svenson because you'll ICly probably want one (if you're like "nah, we're good" then we don't need to do that.)
8 - To the Windsor Pub we go..... or after mission RP on the starbase if the Windsor is still overrun by Zombies.

I am looking for one thing. I'm looking for someone who will be on the ground mission so that I can explain to them the rough plot a bit OOC, so that there is someone else to kind of guide things towards the end. I'm not sure if I should say "any volunteers" or say "I'll let Argo leaders tell me who that is" because I'm not sure how you would like to do it, Argo Leadership. If there isn't a person for that, it'll still go off, it just might be a bit more confusing at times.

The Foundry gods actually let me do this, so obviously someone wants this to happen! I'm looking forward to tomorrow friends! ))