Apr 7: Task force staff meeting

Regular staff meeting of task force officers and allies. Recent events will be discussed and new plans will be formed to deal with the outstanding issues.


When: Saturday, Apr 7, Beta +1

Audience: Klingon

Event type: Social RP

Starting point: Fleet starbase

OOC point of contact: @gulremal
Spoiler: Meeting transcriptShow
[Local] Egzo: "Hey, boss."

Egzo claims his seat.

[Local] Sadia: *grins* Heya, Egzo. How's it going?

[Local] Egzo: "Eh, same old."

Mysti strolls in casually, "Howdy folks, not late am I?"

[Local] Sadia: *nods to Mysti* New outfit?

B'Atar salutes Sadia as she steps in.

[Local] Sadia: B'atar, good to see you! Join us.

Mysti shakes her head, "Nah, got the crew on R&R while we're docked for repairs. So foregoing the armour while we're on downtime"

[Local] Mysti: "Seems a little overkill for the bar" she chuckles

[Local] Egzo: "And the crown..."

[Local] Mysti: "Oh well, you know I'd wear it all the time if it was a /proper/ royal crown!"

[Local] Sadia: Well, that's the orion bling thing.

Mysti sighs whimsically, "One day..."

B'Atar chuckles, "A little armour can go a long way to catching attention."

[Local] Mysti: "So can a little green skin sweety" she smirks with a playful wink

[Local] B'Atar: "Right, you got that..."

Mysti chuckles. Clearly she's more relaxed than usual, probably too much time in that hot tub of hers...

Egzo smirks, and drinks from his mug of bloodwine.

[Local] Sadia: *taps* I can't get ahold of Alyss for some reason. I'm starting to worry.

[Local] Mysti: "You'll probably just find her up to her armpits in salvage at that yard of hers. So, you know... in pure bliss..."

[Local] Egzo: "Maybe. Or maybe she ran into somethin' she couldn't hack."

[Local] Sadia: *to Egzo* I hope not. Oh. Good to see you, Heras!

[Local] Sadia: How are you doing? Long time no see!

Heras answers "I am well. Thank you."

[Local] Sadia: Just well? How's little Xavux?

Egzo gives the Freaky Reman Mindwitch(tm) his usual wary look.

[Local] Heras: "Excellent. He is with Shekclazon at the moment, learning how to use cranian hemmoraging techniques."

Heras soothes, "It's ok. we practice on wild vermin."

[Local] Sadia: *chuckles* Already? I guess he's too young to learn how to make girls turn. So, brain melting instead.

[Local] Heras: "Learn it young, and learn it in a controlled environment."

[Local] Sadia: *nods* Good plan.

[Local] Sadia: Anyhow, let's get the meeting started.

[Local] Egzo: "Yeah."

[Local] Sadia: Soooo, I heard you had some success in dealing with the breen.

[Local] Sadia: Anyone wants to brief me about that, hmmmm?

Mysti grins, "Yeah, I'd say so. Licking our wounds for the trouble; but totally worth it"

B'Atar nods, "Aye. That elite raider squadron shouldn't be an issue anymore."

B'Atar grins, "They put up some good fights. Proper fun hunting them down. Like chasing targ but in space."

Mysti chuckles at the analogy

[Local] Sadia: I've heard some stories from your crews in the bar. Any details?

[Local] B'Atar: "They attacked that merc station while we went there to track them down."

[Local] B'Atar: "San'leth got one of them and the rest were driven off, but the merc ships took a few casualties."

Egzo mutters and nods.

[Local] B'Atar: "We chased them, lost their trail at that trading station, ran into an old Ferengi friend who helped us pick it back up."

[Local] Sadia: *she leans in her chair, and rests her head on her right hand, listening.

[Local] B'Atar: "Bought the information off her and followed them to that base. They tried to outrun us again, and you saw what happened at the end there."

[Local] Sadia: *nods* Yes, I'm glad I could join in the fun, especially after what they did to Daramar.

[Local] Egzo: "Thought that one was gonna get away, in the end... but then 'is luck ran out, finally."

[Local] B'Atar: "Yeah...there was one pretty pesky one..."

[Local] Mysti: "Tell me about it..." she pouts

[Local] Sadia: "Anyhow, that's a big load off our chest.

Egzo nods.

[Local] Sadia: Anything else to add regarding that mission?

[Local] Mysti: "Only to confirm that the Thana is drydocked for a few days still, pending repairs from that little frey"

[Local] Egzo: "I think B'Atar's gettin' to like flyin' a half-Breen freakjob. Maybe a little /too/ much."

Egzo smirks.

Mysti chuckles as she looks between the two

B'Atar chuckles, "What can I say, he's really good for messing with Breen sensors."

[Local] Egzo: "Hag'lhr's had his pass through the yards - nothin' but the usual bangs and scrapes."

[Local] Egzo: "Any word on our other big headache, the 'Branded Lady'?"

Mysti shakes her head with a grin, "Nothing we helped the Feds give her a bloody nose and claim that system from her"

Mysti glances to Sadia, "The colonization is well under way there too now by the way!"

[Local] Sadia: She didn't try to counterattack yet?

[Local] Mysti: "Nope! Not a peep out of her anywhere in fact since then. Gotta figure she's planning a big counter offensive after that though; don't strike me as the type to sit back quiet after getting beat..."

[Local] Sadia: Mybe Heras can help tracking her down?

[Local] Mysti: "the more the merrier" she glances left with a smile

[Local] Sadia: Though you should brief her about Branded Lady first.

Mysti leans left, "Orion b**** with a stick like a flagpole up her jaxxy when it comes to the rest of us"

Mysti glances back to Sadia with a grin, "Briefed."

[Local] Sadia: *to Heras* Any news from Mol Rihan?

Heras shakes her head. "None so far. But I'll press them on it."

[Local] Egzo: "Mercenary force is... rebuilding." He grumbles at that.

[Local] Sadia: *nods* Yeah, and we might have some time for it. I just got the news today from the Ventraxian Military Council.

[Local] Sadia: They've signed a cease fire and are starting negotiations with Thot Kreel.

Egzo mutters s'more. "What kinda 'negotiations'? What terms are the Breen offerin'?"

[Local] Mysti: "I'm honestly suprised they're not just giving them the cold shoulder..."

B'Atar chuckles at Mysti.

Mysti grins. She just couldn't resist...

[Local] Sadia: No terms were presented yet, only the cease fire was signed. The preliminary meeting will happen within a week.

[Local] Sadia: I guess after the loss of his elite boys Thot is more willing to negotiate.

[Local] Sadia: Anyhow, I'm leaving two squadrons to maintain presence in the Ventraxian space.

[Local] B'Atar: "What about those bug things?"

[Local] Egzo: "Guess that's good. And they took /some/ territory off the Ventraxi, but not all they wanted."

[Local] B'Atar: "Hurq pets or whatever they are."

[Local] Heras: "Hurq? Aren't they a legend?"

[Local] Egzo: "Dranz somethin'. And yeah, the Hur'q."

Egzo adds to Heras, "That's what I thought, but guess not."

[Local] B'Atar: "Yeah, they were /supposed/ to be a legend, or dead."

[Local] Sadia: *to B'atar* Thanks to our early warning they managed to evacuate the population and firebomb the areas before Drantzuli managed to launch.

[Local] B'Atar: "Nice. Don't want those crawlies getting everywhere..."

[Local] Mysti: "No more gooey fights then? Well I certainly shan't complain..."

[Local] Sadia: *to Heras* Did you hear about what happened at DS9?

Heras nods affirmative. "I have heard, but I've been skeptical myself. Are they the real deal? Or are they just taking the name?"

[Local] Mysti: "It's a fair question. How'd anyone really know if they're the same of legend or not?"

[Local] Sadia: They were supposed to be long gone. But so were the Iconians.

[Local] Mysti: "True enough"

[Local] Sadia: So far, aside the Drantzuli and those small raider vessels, not much is known.

[Local] Sadia: Even the Klingons have remarkably little information about them.

[Local] Mysti: "Why do I get the feeling these are going to replace the Breen as the next big thorn in our sides..."

[Local] Sadia: Ah well, entire Iconian war passed us by - aside from the call to defend the Qo'nos and helping the Feds to attack that Elachi base.

[Local] Sadia: I'm more interested about the Dominion involvement.

[Local] B'Atar: "I am definitely not making the San'leth half Hur'q. Or half Iconian...can you imagine a bird with floaty bits?"

[Local] B'Atar: "Dominion also have polaron tech which could be compatible though..."

Mysti glances to B'Atar with a chuckle

B'Atar chuckles, "Okay, now I'm just turning into Alyss!"

[Local] B'Atar: "What's the Dominion after this time, a rematch?"

Egzo looks (and sounds) grumpy at this whole turn of events.

[Local] Egzo: "They SAY they're here to HELP."

[Local] Sadia: Yes, as they did help cardassians, right.

[Local] Egzo: "Yeah... and that’s also what the Feddies say, then you look around a few years later an' yer up to your hips in hu-mons and they ain't leavin'."

[Local] B'Atar: "Yeah...I seem to remember something about their changeling gods wanting to subjugate everything that wasn't liquid-based..."

[Local] Mysti: "Aww, and here I thought you were the type to keep pets..."

[Local] Egzo: "Yeah, 'zactly. The kind a helpin' where they move in and take over."

[Local] B'Atar: "Yeah...should probably keep an eye on those slimy shapeshifters."

[Local] B'Atar: "Their infiltration skills /really/ complicated things in the last war."

[Local] Sadia: Well, at least they are easier to detect than the Undine.

[Local] B'Atar: "That's true...and we got lots of countermeasures from last time."

[Local] Sadia: Anyhow, I'm reassigning some of the squadrons to keep an eye on possible Drantzuli signtings in our area of operations. And I can bet Breen had some nasty surprises at home.

Egzo nods to Sadia.

[Local] Sadia: Oh yes, Marshall Berylia has invited us to visit her estate in Alarian space. She wasn't happy with this cease fire and is moving her forces to the Alarian-Breen border.

[Local] Egzo: "Smart."

[Local] Egzo: "Like they say, don't ever turn your back on 'em."

Mysti nods

[Local] B'Atar: "Aye."

[Local] Heras: "Understood."

[Local] Sadia: Anyhow, seems things will stabilize here for a bit, so we can use the time to further reinforce our presence.

Egzo nods. "Sounds good t' me."

[Local] Sadia: I'm authorizing some R'n'R, and will see everyone has better access to requisitions.

[Local] Egzo: "Well, both'a those'll make /my/ cutters happy..."

[Local] Sadia: I'm sending the report of the battle against the breen to the Council. Maybe get a loremaster to spin a proper tale.

[Local] Sadia: No, I'm definitely getting a loremaster for this.

[Local] Mysti: "Sounds good!"

[Local] B'Atar: "Oooh, now that'll be something to hear!"

Mysti looks across to Egzo, "Speaking of your, err... cutters... I might have a lead on some reinforcements for you if you're interested"

Egzo sits up. "Always."

[Local] Egzo: "Who ya got in mind?"

[Local] Mysti: "Ain't sure to be honest. Just got report of some merc groups pitching up around Narris. Only... they ain't allied to us, and that's making the Circle twitchy"

[Local] Mysti: "Could be they're touting for work, if so; can try and pull them in for you"

Egzo nods. "Sounds good."

[Local] Egzo: "Some mercs don't like bein' tied down to one side or another, but they /all/ like gettin' paid."

Mysti smiles, "Alright then. Once we're out of dock I'll see if we can't find some time to check in over the next couple of weeks and will let you know"

Egzo nods to Mysti.

[Local] Sadia: *nods* Okay. That's all I had for you today. Anything else you want to discuss or report?

Mysti shakes her head, "I think we covered all the bases from my side"

Egzo shakes his head also.

B'Atar shakes her head too.

[Local] Sadia: Heras? Any plans or ideas?

[Local] Heras: "Naval Intelligence." She states matter-of-factly, "We have the best intelligence agency in the Alpha Quadrant. Perhaps I can request more intelligence assets to the area."

[Local] Sadia: *nods* Republic facility is still here, in station tower 2.

[Local] Heras: "Then I'll set out a facility for an intelligence team and request more deep space probes."

[Local] Sadia: ** if you remember, we turned one of the starbase towers the republic command center for this sector more than 2 years ago

[Local] Egzo: (( *I* didn't, so good, thanks. ))

[Local] Heras: (( Yeah, that was ages ago.))

[Local] Heras: "I think improvements can be made. I'll let you know what needs to be done."

[Local] Sadia: *nods* Excellent. If that's all, I'm closing the meeting.

[Local] Sadia: Get some rest, have some fun. You've earned it.

Mysti clasps her hands together, "Right! Now that age old dilemma; bar... or hot tub..."

Egzo nods, tipping up his mug in case any drops remain (not likely) and setting it back on the table.

[Local] Egzo: "Imma get me another drink."

Egzo rises and ambles off to do that.

[Local] Sadia: All right. I'll be in my office, sorting out the paperwork.

Mysti smiles, "I think the hot tub is calling! Catch you all later!" she gives a cheery wave as she strolls off