Archaeology & Artifacts Convention

You are cordially invited to Deep Space 13’s 8th Annual Archaeology & Artifacts Convention. This weeklong event is the premier destination for professionals, hobbyists, collectors, and anyone who has or thinks they may have an interest in ancient civilizations.

Check the seminar schedule to hear Eta Eridani’s foremost experts speak on a variety of topics, or stop by the convention hall in Cargo Bay 21 any time to browse our vendors’ wide selection of exciting offerings. Whether you purchase a priceless treasure or an affordable knickknack, you’re sure to go home with a memorable keepsake.

Shift Time: Wednesday March 23rd @ gamma - Wednesday March 30th @ gamma

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Social / Free-form

Starting Point: Discord

This is going to take place in a discord RP channel, open for the week. I’ll be periodically GMing a few vendors for people to interact with, but this will be largely self-guided. Show up, bring your friends, have a little shopping adventure. Or go to a seminar and be bored learn stuff. If you’re interested in having your character give a lecture to show off their expert knowledge, feel free! If you like worldbuilding, bring a character or NPC to be a vendor! If you want to try your hand at some GMing, feel free to use the scene as a setting for an event! (just don’t ruin the whole convention!)

For your reference/background/consistency of RP: This is one of several such “obscure” conventions that gets hosted on DS13 every year. The “experts” are typically not well known outside of their specific circles, and attendance is typically pretty low. There are certainly certain types of people who get excited to attend, but most just view it as a shopping opportunity. To DS13’s operations staff it’s probably a nuisance, having to manage allocating the space, making arrangements, etc.

Let me know if you have any questions!


silently fumes at the commercialisation of his subject


Feel free to host a seminar and give everyone something more interesting to do! :smiley: