ARGO Official Announcement on Armadas

Argo Members,

As you know, there has been a lot of discussion recently about the Armada system, its benefits and how we can use it for both game mechanic purposes, as well as RP purposes.

Currently, we are in the final stages of planning an Armada with our closest tied RP fleet Zenas Expeditionary Force or ZEF. The Armada system we are establishing with them is designed to support our fleet in increasing our ability for members to support fleet holdings as well as increase our RP ties with ZEF.

The proposal has the following criteria.

* Both fleets must agree before either allows any other fleet into said Armada.

* If either fleet requests a specific Armada Role (Alpha/Beta/Gamma) the other fleet will comply. If we both want the same role, we'll take turns like civilized people.

* The Armada remains an OOC concept, without any additional IC overhead. ICly, fleets are still the highest level of organization within Starfleet that we'll be using, and both the 38th (Argo) and the 11th (ZEF) will remain independent. OOCly though, the administration of both fleets continues to encourage cooperation between our members.

Additionally the new Armada chat channel will join the /fleet channel as being reserved for In-Character communications. Specifically Armada chat will be used for any communications that are both a) sufficiently long range for a non-argo vessel/station to pick up and b) part of RP that is open to participation by non-argo players. If you use the Armada chat, you should expect that members of ZEF will answer and potentially come join the RP.

Finally, we will be phasing out the "ARGO-DS13" channel in favor of a new channel, "38th Argo" This channel will be specifically for people applying to join Argo to communicate and ask questions. Unlike the old channel, "38th Argo" will be limited to Senior Members and the Admin Staff, and will not generally be used for IC purposes.

Please feel free to comment here with your thoughts on this. We anticipate creating the Armada in the coming days.

ARGO Admin Team
As it currwntly stands. I hope it remains merely OOC. Such a system creates more rp yes, but with our current influx of members I doubt we need a lot of cross fleet events. Not that I am opposed to those, but I am just a bit xenophobic. Its my nature. Camt help it.

Its a great way to incrase our holdings. I am a bit sad we can not use the ARGO-DS13 channel. It was usefull for applicants to get in touch with the common man and lately I have noticed there is not always a senior members or admin online. Perhaps it should either be broadened or I just notice silly little things. Great ideas anyhow. Lets armada the Iconians back to Andromeda and beyond.
So if ARGO-DS13 is being phased out, how will we be managing randoms coming to the base looking for RP, or will we be dropping that?
As great as ARGO-DS13 has been, we have noticed several issues with it, when it comes to applicants. One example we've frequently run into, is the issue of new applicants joining the channel and asking questions or looking for advice, only to have non-members answer or give bad information. Or worse, on rare occasion we've even had our own members giving out inaccurate or outdated information.

The vast majority of 'randoms' coming to the base looking for RP are either from allied fleets, friends of members, or applicants/future applicants. Base invites will still be available through the new channel, just slightly less publicly.
Ah ok. Thanks for the answer!
Unlike the old channel, "38th Argo" will be limited to Senior Members and the Admin Staff

Senior coolness shines through.

Serious question though, can red side fleets join Fed Armadas and if so, is Kargas joining it? They are our sister fleet after all.
Most official and unofficial accounts of Armada functionality indicate that they're not cross faction. If they were, we TOTALLY would have done that.
This one is sorta related to my above question but what if we had a non-fleet friend who we wanted to RP with on the base? Can we just invite them or do they have to go through the whole requesting permission to dock thing through the new channel?
You are, and have always been, welcome to have friends over to RP on base, without going through the channel. That will never change. Just keep in mind that anyone you invite is your responsibility, so if they start acting crazy, we're going to hold you responsible (before ejecting them >_> )
Ah ok. Thank you very much! And that's more than fair.